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  1. I see there is a lot less activity on this forum compared to several years ago. As the club is now performing better than it did back then one would expect the exact opposite. Why?
  2. I thought after finally winning the league that this club would begin to attract more spectators. So far I don't see any change.
  3. Being an away game this weekend I would have expected many to be logged onto this forum. Where is everybody?
  4. With the shit crowd last night and all the free tickets to the Western United games, WU after 2 home games have had more fans than MC. I didn't expect to see that.
  5. Who will have more fans? Melbourne City or Western United?
  6. Come on guys. Joyce wasn't that bad. The skin fold tests were best in league.
  7. The match is in a few hours but the enthusiasm is low on this forum.
  8. Melbourne is struggling to get enough fans for 2 teams. Where are the fans going to come from for a third team?
  9. A win can't generate any excitement on this forum. This thread is only three pages long of which the first page were all posts prior to kick-off.
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