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  1. Far from perfect, but I couldn't give a stuff. We're off to the GF again
  2. Callum Talbot released from Sydney. There has been rumors he has signed for us for a few weeks. Looking likely now
  3. Definitely take that, clearly the better team. Made better opportunities. Adelaide looked out of gas by the end, can't see 57yr old Isiaias and 83yr old Juande being able to back up for another 90. Definitely advantage us
  4. It was nervy, it was a bit unsettling, it was a ride. But we're here as only the 2nd back to back Premiers. Absolutely no one has spoken about our ridiculously congested fixture list compared to everyone else, it's a real big effort to finish top again especially when the teams below us are much better than last season. Now to get a well deserved 9 or 10 days off and get ready for either Adelaide, CCM or Wellington
  5. Perfect 1st half, score twice and then don't let them have the ball. Score a 3rd in front of the fucking idiots at the north end, watch them leave and take the plate home again
  6. neio

    Tom Glover

    I have no issues with a Visa keeper, people frown on visa keepers but we have the Australian talent outfield that we can afford it. I still think the number 1 option should be Paul Izzo, shown to be one of the better keepers when he was at Adelaide and is out of contract. But only at the right price cause Popa took him to Greece and I'd say Victory will be looking for a new keeper. He is good but not ridiculously good we need to get into a bidding war.
  7. neio

    Tom Glover

    I'm now at the point where we should get 2 new keepers in and let them fight for number 1 next season. I was with keeping Glover and getting in someone new, but this is becoming untenable, which is really sad
  8. I'm sorry but the way it's decided who gets through from the 2nd spots is stupid. How we have more points than 6 other teams, and equal with a 7th but with better goal difference and not get through is just wrong. I agree we shouldn't have been in this situation and we should have been top, but I don't know how much of a failed campaign it is when we literally qualify through with ease in every other group stage tournament around the world. I'm just really puzzled and don't know how to feel
  9. There is nothing in it at all. The Thai football experts think that Griffo calling the Thai bloke short is racist. It's actually quite amusing to see how worked up they are getting
  10. Colacovski has been disappointing should have offered alot more in his 85 seconds as impact sub
  11. Jenonman only just got over United, so yeah they will probably be better but I'm pretty confident we should win. I think we will see a 75% strength side, all gearing up to be at full 100% for the game against the Thai team
  12. Depends what we can get as an aussie. If we could get Izzo, or we can get a genuine number 1 from another aleague team, I'd go for them. And then look at using the Asian player (assuming we have ACL again next season) in midfield to replace Metcalfe, there are plenty that are very good technically that could do a very good job. Just finding the right one
  13. Probably has to be a Griffiths, Gomulka, Tilio midfield. Far from ideal, but massive opportunity for Gomulka to lay claim to Metcalfe spot for next season
  14. They changed the rules, we can take all our visa players but only 3+1 can be on the team sheet. So I'd assume we would take Pucciarelli (if anyone knows where he is)
  15. Reis had covid last week, who knows how well he has recovered. He must be not too bad to be on bench
  16. Absolutely no way am I taking a draw. We're the best team in the league and we have hit some form. 3 points and get on a plane to Thailand
  17. I'm convinced Endoh is here for acl only really, it's much the same as Tsubaki last season. As for pucciarelli, who knows?
  18. Cola definitely isn't a winger. Not sure why he isnt playing as the 9 tonight, as that's all we ever hear he is training as
  19. We're now putting 16 year olds on before our designated visa player
  20. The keeper situation is interesting, I don't doubt for a second we need a keeper, but I'm not sure if we will go for a number 1 or a back up. I can't see us throwing Glover away after 3 years of development. If we want a number 1, Paul Izzo is the number 1 choice for me, if we want a backup who is going to give genuine competition I don't mind Cook from Perth
  21. I'm real 50-50 on the Good situation. It makes sense for us not to release him in the current situation we're in, but also we're denying him the chance to represent his country, and you never know he gets to play, he does well and we somehow make it to Qatar. He could be off to a world cup. At the end of the day, we should have international breaks or at the very least let anyone with over 2 or 3 players picked postpone their game if they wish to
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