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  1. Tommy Glover apparently has interest from Newcastle, Celtic, Rangers and Copenhagen. I know he had impressed in the dozen or so games he started for Middlesbrough, but didn't know he did that well to have clubs like that looking at him.
  2. Petrillo gets one more go at it. I don't think the players we have brought in have been bad (Natel aside) I just don't think they all fit in together and is that a him issue or a coaching issue. Soup has been alright, Arslan is a baller, Sakhi was looking solid before he fucked off, I can see why Jakolis was worth a punt as a non visa player. Before this season he has been nearly flawless in who he has got it, he deserves to try and fix it. If next year it's still no good, then by all means let's look elsewhere
  3. So I genuinely forgot this was on until this morning, probably says a bit about how we are going at the moment
  4. Nah, he clearly got the ball. It should have been a 1 look and play on situation, I have no idea why they needed 5 different angles. The ref was the one we had in the 1st game against Perth, he sent off Talbot and then it got VAR checked and he had 4 VAR interventions in about 15 minutes. He is average
  5. I thought it would be similar to O'Neill situation from last season, has ambitions to go to Europe. Just waiting for the right move and the season to finish before announcing anything
  6. Would take both of them in a heartbeat, I'd struggle to see why Nisbet would leave CCM to go to another aleague club though
  7. 🚨JORDY BOS BANGER ALERT🚨 https://twitter.com/AleagueHub/status/1766393474969161905?t=UWDt6XE6jm7teNspQr-5jQ&s=19
  8. 3 Souprayen 2 Arslan 1 Fernandez
  9. Geez Wellington are hard to watch at times, why don't they try and do something Anyway, a welcome 3 points. Still worrying we didn't look like breaking them down in open play, but that's why Arslan is here for those bits of quality when needed. Massive game Tuesday now
  10. This is actually tough, nobody really stood out, possibly who I thought was least shit 3 Arslan 2 Good 1 Lopane
  11. I really hope we are getting the phrase 'mutual termination' and a heartfelt 'thanks for your time and good luck in the future' ready, cause we're going to need it a fair bit if we are serious about what this squad is
  12. Nothing shits me more than when Natel completely stops all momentum of the play, by standing there with the ball at his feet staring at his defender. For him to shoot and pass it terribly. There is not a fucking defender in the league worried about what you are going to do.. There is a reason why they let you have the ball inside the box and don't bother trying to put pressure on you.
  13. Why the fuck do we let Jeggo anywhere near the set pieces
  14. Jesus, that's really poor by both Fernandez and Good to let him waltz by them both and into the box
  15. They have 2 outstanding players in Germain and Davila, I expect us to completely blanket them while we let Charles Mmbomwa or Lachie Rose to score a Hattrick. It's the city way this season to let pretty average players have the game of their life against us
  16. Thought he did well, Lolley is as good as any winger in the league and he kept him relatively under control for most of the night
  17. Young - good, would be 3 or 4 behind without him Fernandez - promising Leckie and Tilio - look like they are at least trying to do something The rest - shit
  18. Talbot also needed to come out and put pressure on Courtney Perkins, not every full back shoots and puts it into row Q like he does
  19. Thought he was fine, don't think we have unearthed Alphonse Davies but also don't think we're back to having Iain Ramsay as LB. May as well play him now and see what level he is to see if he worth persisting with after the 6 months contract is up
  20. 3 matches it is, so he misses tomorrow and then the Sydney game. Back for Macarthur on March 1
  21. This is ridiculous, so now we get to find out on a week to week basis if our best and most important player is available. The club should be making a stand that you tell us the findings and the sanction are immediately.
  22. Mass changes to the starting 11 for this week, I'd put Talbot (if fit), Souprayen, Fernandez, Tilio, Leckie, Antonis and Jakolis all in the 11 for Galloway, Hall, Politides, Ugarkovic, Lopane, Nabbout and Natel. Actually make a statement that last week wasn't good enough. Instead of the standard 1 or 2 changes and nothing fucking changes cause no one is worried about their spot in the 11. Very winnable game, so go and fucking win it
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