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  1. Seems like it is next Wednesday night, if you have a mobile ticket from the game the date on it has been changed to April 5. So maybe we will be able to go if you had a ticket to the original game
  2. The most frustrating part at the moment is what I see square pegs into round holes lineups were going with. The system we have works, that's undeniable but at the moment we are trying people in unfamiliar roles and positions. The main example is Jamo as a 6, he hasn't done anything really wrong there but to get him there we have moved 3 players out of where they were most effective 12 weeks ago. If next game we still have the same injury problems and have roughly the same squad, it makes much more sense to me to play Jamo at LB, ONeill and Berisha in midfield with Tilio ahead of them and Bos on the wing which he has played many times during games this season. That system has 1 player in an unfamiliar role, not half the bloody team which is what I feel happens some games especially when subs are made.
  3. Fuck weiss van der venne and Leckie, without those 2 everything just looks so difficult
  4. Game has been moved back, now starts at 7pm
  5. The week before Easter makes sense, as we play Easter Monday and they play Sunday. So we can fit in a midweek game without a team having a 2 day turn around
  6. Have to give him this week against MacArthur off, I'd think that a front 3 of Flo, Nabbout and Tilio is enough to get past them. If we leave any longer to give him one off, he will be off to Socceroos camp and then a final month which includes games against Wellington, CCM and WSW
  7. Not sure how it took 4 months but anyway
  8. If O'Neill goes then I think Ugarkovic is a pretty solid replacement. He was very good at Newcastle when he was allowed to play as a 6, WSW stuffed him around mainly cause they had 738 central mids and they tried to get them all on the pitch and he has been reasonable at Wellington. At the very least we are making some proactive moves to get the squad ready for next season nice and early
  9. Won't go down as a classic performance or anything overly memorable, but it's another 3 points thats all we need at the moment. Another step closer to back to back to back plates
  10. Nah it was heat related, the game was scheduled for 5pm. They moved it on Friday
  11. They did move the MacArthur vs Newcastle game back yesterday, so hopefully it goes back until at least 6
  12. One other thing that frustrates me is Talbot not being to be last 90 or even really get close. We're up to game 18 and every week at the 60ish minute he starts to weaken and by 75 he is spent. Last night it was a real pain having to use a sub window to get him off for a defender when we needed attackers on the pitch. I obviously don't have the numbers, but I don't think he did considerably more work than bos, Geria or Cadete and those 3 we're all going pretty strong right up to the 90th
  13. We weren't great, that's for certain. We just passed the ball sideways and created not alot. Berenguer is an icing on cake midfielder but he doesn't have the movement like Berisha does to move the defenders and midfielders in front of him. Apart from Leckie it didn't really look like anyone was going to score. It's not panic stations or anything, it's one bad performance that we haven't got points from. I'm sure we will come back Also one final point, fuck off Fornaroli
  14. The only thing they have got is Brimmer on set pieces, and even still very contentious goal. Very very confident if we keep this up at least 1 more goal will come
  15. I know it's a derby and the old anything can happen etc. But I think we could absolutely belt them. They are really really average. Start fast and out one on the board early, their fairweather fans will start to leave and we put them to the sword and completely put an end to their faint finals chances
  16. Realistically I think we only need about 15 more points to wrap it up, unless someone goes on a winning run of 7+ games. If average points per game continues as how it currently sits, were going to win the plate by around 15 points. Would be easily the biggest margin to win premiership
  17. My favourite bits of commentary last night - when they tried telling us the flight from Melbourne was 8.5 hours - Kenny Lowe drunkenly telling us that Perth were dominating the game with 10 men about 3 minutes after they had the red card - but my favourite for the night by far, when they said Leckie wasn't contributing much to the win. He had a goal, an assist and won the penalty
  18. Overall I thought we were pretty average, but take the 3 points at a place no one else has been able to is a big thing. Extends the lead at the top and move onto the bottom placed team in league next week
  19. We need to hook Jamo for Talbot and move Reis central. We're losing too much attack and width down the right for the very slight gain we are getting defensively
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