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  1. Looks like Pierias is going to Adelaide, probably direct replacement for irankunda so good move for him
  2. When Pierias left you have to remember he had only been seen as a RB and we had Nat Atkinson in front of him. I'm very comfortable with the choice to give Atkinson starting minutes over Pierias. Young kids are impatient and want games now, unfortunately we can't appease them all, especially when we had another academy prospect who frankly just better in his position.
  3. Pierias been released by WSW, this is one I would absolutely take back. Still only 24 and has pace, if he is willing to do it perfect off the bench winger for 20-25 minutes with the option of RB if needed
  4. I thought someone would have a crack at Jakolis, especially being a non-visa he showed enough to get a spot somewhere
  5. He is only 27, if he wasn't implicated in the betting scandal he would be definitely worth a look. But not now unfortunately
  6. I have no problem signing Young if we had a look around and there was no better options. The way we have waited until his contract actually expired before doing anything makes me think we have. Now I don't want him to be nailed on number 1 every week, if he is playing well and deserves to play, then great. But there needs to be a look to the 2 younger guys if Young drops his standards in any way. At the very least he should be a good professional head to help the boys learn.
  7. Jesus Christ, surely not. I wouldnt take him back on a free transfer, let alone paying for him.
  8. Raph Borges Rodrigues has signed for Coventry and they are paying Macarthur a transfer fee. Meanwhile Natel and Jakolis are probably sitting on a beach somewhere doing as they do in games 'fuck all'
  9. Trewin has been released by Brisbane, seems the rumours were true about him joining us
  10. I still find the entire Jakolis finding out he was Australian and convincing the biggest scout organisation in the world that he was going to play for the Socceroos at the Asian cup and he deserves a spot at their Australian club as one of the most brilliant piece of player management business I've seen
  11. Could be unpopular but I wouldn't have given Nabbout 2 years, he has shown over past 3 seasons he can't stay on the pitch for any period of time. 1 year would have been appropriate with the option of a 2nd if he hits certain criteria
  12. Talk about underwhelming, now watch us sign Ben Halloran to play on a wing. Medicore FC at the moment
  13. Would take Nisbet and Trewin, wouldn't dismiss taking Matt Millar if available. Depending what Aziz is doing, id take Brad Smith if he was interested in returning home . Delbridge maybe, but that could be cause I liked him when he was here The rest is a solid no, either too old or doesn't particularly help us.
  14. Piscopo is a real icing on the cake type of player, the issue is we don't have the cake
  15. I feel like it's the unpopular opinion but I wouldn't be that interested in Piscopo, always injured, doesn't really defend and floats in and out of games. Fits into that got talent but doesn't show it anywhere near enough category. Not a player we need. We have Arslan as the creator in midfield, we need consistent players with a bit of C*** about them.
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