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  1. Troyes getting dominated but so far only down 1-0 match is on beIN connect
  2. But they have cooperated with the police and with the APL. The fine they copped and the sanctions it's gonna cost them big time who's gonna want to sponsor them. They are in deep shit and my opinion is they deal with it and we move back to this God forsaken league which is already battered already
  3. Why is everyone saying docking points? They are already at the bottom and we don’t even have relegation lol
  4. I hope to think of you asked the lads they would rather play. Maclaren is probably eyeing a hat trick
  5. I don't agree. victory are bleeding money this will hurt them fininical and their reputation. The season is short enough already charge the pricks fine the club and let's play ball
  6. https://twitter.com/joeylynchy/status/1612559690780770305?s=20&t=rFkGT2RbsX8mrieDFit6CQ
  7. I think if cfg wanted to overtake victory off the pitch you don't get a better chance then now
  8. Anyone know where they are sitting us general admission plebs? Pax is 4000 btw
  9. Yes. I need to organize reserved tickets for this
  10. I must say as shit as city and the a league is run the actual games are entertaining
  11. Monday 1:00 Melbourne time. Any thoughts on the match?
  12. I dunno why you're coming down on me I just wanna watch football which seems to be a fucking sin in this country
  13. I just wanna point out as much as we wanna beat victory on the pitch we don't really want them to fail off it. If they go then the whole league could follow and I don't want to end up on my mother's emu farm
  14. Was a good game considering the weather. Didn’t miss active at all
  15. I’m saying ideally we should be going for 10k for a match like this. The apl Ffa even the clubs all useless in running the game so we’ll end up with 3k
  16. As I said before this match tomorrow should be attracting 10k plus it’s got three socceroos from a bloody successful World Cup. the admin are fooking useless we shouldn’t even know any of these suits name we should be talking about the match. Can’t even tell you who runs the epl.
  17. https://melbournecityfc.com.au/news/important-update-regarding-active-support?fbclid=IwAR1OXsd6pbRxIbXBHGTQAr19hQ4tbtcBeoNmp1smD930gmRz-QQRB-qz9so
  18. This match is featuring 6 socceroos. It’s really one of those games you’d want a big crowd for I can see it being end to end
  19. Why did yarraside disband? They were fun as back in the day
  20. It took me a few days to get over it tbh. I was just so shocked at what i was seeing but it’s the past I’m looking forward to more football
  21. Platinum is nearly sold out on ticketek which I don’t really understand
  22. It’s December 27th. Women play at 2:00 men play at 5:00 I’m looking forward to it
  23. I’m looking forward to this one it’s summer, it’s a double header and mariners are entertaining so I wanna upgrade my tickets to platinum. $100 to upgrade with gold tier loyalty 15% discount. Still pretty expensive they really gotta lower the price
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