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  1. I know I talk a lot about attendance on here but it is nice to be around hardcore fans that actually follow the game rather then a casual who goes on their phone or talks about the epl
  2. Sorry mate I misread your response didn’t mean to come off and then passive
  3. What do you think if we played in a smaller 10k stadium?
  4. Lol you seem to have a bit of attuide with that response
  5. Our Active is actually quite good this year. just need to keep growing and chanting about the players and not the opponents. just me two cents
  6. Bloke behind me said nabbout was faking it because he stuffed up the pass next minute his coming off injured
  7. https://forum.insidesport.com.au/2965364/Marco-Tilio on inside sport they are comparing tillo to arzani
  8. Wonder who picked the team des or paddy? Either way I love Thursday night football
  9. This what I am wondering if I would cope on the train?
  10. Gonna rock the city scarf at work before our match on Thursday night. Wondering if anyone has any interesting interactions around the town wearing a city shirt,scarf or hat?
  11. I don’t mind Adelaide they have a good young team but we should win 2-1
  12. So happy for Good to recover from his injuries come back to us on a one year Contract now he will most likely be a socceroo and a premiership playa
  13. We can’t play at a 30k stadium when we’re getting crowds of 4K.
  14. Good to see them avoid the dreaded Sunday night fixture. I think 4:00 is a pretty good time
  15. This bloke is going to a club legend and an Australian legend. The club needs to make him the face of the club on billboards, buses, Ads and more. he can be our lance franklin or who ever the best afl player is now. Put him on tv and get word out.
  16. Wanderers have so much attacking depth and seeing Bruce in such good form is really good to see
  17. Wanderers are doing a bring your mate for free promotion I hope we can do something like that
  18. Fornaroli is my all time favorite player. Imo he has a flair jmac doesn’t have. luna is underrated for me these days
  19. https://m.facebook.com/footballmanager2021/posts/3473222342727807
  20. Feels funny to just players from opponents right hand way through the season
  21. Obviously I want the lads to win but it’ll be disappointed if Newcastle don’t put up a fight tonight
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