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  1. Adelaide are the.danger team I can see them winning tonight
  2. Is it just me or have game day tickets gotten cheaper?
  3. What losers these people are going to another city picking fights
  4. Lot of kids at this match making noise
  5. Leckie was going to be on AAA so that sucks
  6. That's pretty cool like them trying something new
  7. Active takes itself way to serious. Just rock up and sing
  8. Metcalfe scored for st Pauli seems to be inform
  9. How do you get such a low attendance with three socceroos, a marquee who scores a hatrick and we're first on the ladder. Very concerning
  10. Dunno how we continue playing at aami with the crowds we get
  11. I really hope we can crack 8k and really get an atmosphere going.
  12. If the club and league had ambition they would try get as many tennis fans as they can in
  13. Is there a way to check online if you've been to every match? I'm curious
  14. Thought it was wrong to rest Talbot we need his energy with bos out
  15. For all the faults with the a league the actual games are really fun to follow. Three cracker games yesterday
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