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  1. This is the perfect match to sit behind the managers and watch.
  2. Fair enough. I think since we gave them azarni and mooy something has changed. I find the match day experience really dull where are the people at the front or the autograph session after or the magazines? It's just really minimal like I had a great time at the double header I think a league has improved on the pitch but from what I can see clubs haven't done anything off the pitch since they the APL got control
  3. Is there anything the club can do to change your mind or do you think being part of CFG it's worthless? Because I semi agree with you but I think the club could do try new things more
  4. I never thought he wanted to take this job on and was surprised he got offered it full time
  5. I thought nuno was our best player which isn't saying much
  6. I said I'm preseason young isn't the answer bloke is on the verge of retirement. UGA and Antonis are just journey men not the kind of guys you should aim for to win titles. Then the others aren't Worth mentioning especially old mate who dives twice in a week. Arslan and Caputo are the only players worth being excited about
  7. If we lose tomorrow night then Friday night against Sydney could be a very interesting game
  8. Besides for losing I really had a good time watching the women then the men. We're back!
  9. Yarraside were the best they sung about the players had a laff. Dunno how hard it is to do or why there's issues
  10. They will add buses from the station it won't be glamorous but the club is trying
  11. What's it saying? Our owners don't even care about us fans. We're just a football factory a sales shop in Melbourne. Old grandad as coach Don't even have the red and white as an away top
  12. We are calling them generic united but these guys are making moves while we just exist.
  13. Sydney derby got 11k for women's match last night. Would be amazing if we can pull close to that for the double header on Saturday
  14. It's not just them FIFA is screwing up the world cup uefa the champions league.The sporting is taking a nose dive around the world
  15. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.perthnow.com.au/sport/soccer/alm-scheduling-puts-asian-paydays-at-risk-macarthur-c-12161909.amp
  16. Can we talk about the women's team on here? Who's watching them this weekend
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