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  1. Right then Who's going on sunday?
  2. Yeah this would be our most exciting signing. Aziz was at the club when I started following the club
  3. https://tvblackbox.com.au/page/2023/08/03/paramount-australia-announces-subscription-price-increase/
  4. I went to Matildas last night and I hope one day we could get a quarter of the crowd we got last night because the atmosphere makes a hell of a difference
  5. Yep which is why I'm losing interest in club football. International football is better imo
  6. With all respect I don't think anyone has ambition to play in India. We really shouldn't be losing players to that league
  7. We can offer him as much money as india so why we losing him?
  8. It'll be interesting how the fans would feel about the owners if we have a crap season. Football in Victoria in general is struggling so hopefully it can improve this season
  9. Thanks CFG we give you so many of our young blood and you repay us with this no name
  10. They go back and forth with stopping for international breaks
  11. All good my only thoughts on the transfer market ATM the outs are good and I'm happy to follow any Aussie playing abroad but the ins are pretty dull hopefully all teams get some good transfers in because the a league needs to bring more people in
  12. Is this like a general discussion thread now 🤓
  13. They could at least try not to get victory or western players. Like the odd one is fine but it's start to feel like aflx or big bash
  14. Azarni going to victory Round around the merry round goes
  15. Look I know I come off a bit disillusional But I can't get excited about journeyman Young is a Brisbane legend he means nothing to us Antonis and uga played at victory and western These aren't the signings that will increase our fanbase I really want players we can feel proud of
  16. These signings suck nobody wants to see these washed up players
  17. I know it can't happen because there aren't many clubs. But I wish we avoided western and victory players.
  18. The Australia Cup 2023 Round of 32 Live Draw will be conducted on Wednesday, 28 June 2023 at 7.00pm AEST and streamed LIVE on 10 Play plus streamed via official Australia Cup Facebook and Football Australia YouTube accounts Games to be played in August. Who do we want to draw against?
  19. Well apparently someone is watching the a league. Transfer market is going off this off season
  20. https://www.espn.com.au/football/story/_/id/37877117/marquees-haves-free-agents-on-aleagues-radar?platform=amp
  21. The lack of tv shows and moving is amazing on Paramount
  22. Not sure where to post this but if you're football starved the Maurice Revello tournament is on tonight Australia playing at 10 pm on ESPN
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