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  1. there is a bloke on facebook trying to get people to bring one friend to the next home game against adelaide on 9/2 he wants 20ki love the ambition he is showing if we get more than 12k that would be a success
  2. Haha what’s the submissive attitude test involve?
  3. We’re in in a strange situation Bruno has been expelled from the team so we shouldn’t be winning games but we.. are and it’s good but also frustrating because there’s no way we can beat the top teams.
  4. Should we give credit to Joyce for playing da leat as a striker
  5. Did anyone see the 50% off for any sporting ticket post Melbourne city just did on Facebook?
  6. Credit to the lads in active that are trying to create an atmosphere and all the fans that will attend tonight
  7. we have such a good defence but we can’t score so another 0-0 coming imo
  8. I don’t want to be that guy but what happens when wmg join? Our derby with victory might not even be the biggest football derby in Melbourne one day
  9. Both I got a discount it ended up being $27 due to the membership
  10. At least the Bruno situation isn’t as weird as the Matilda’s head coach getting fired. I’d like us to try get Stuart downing or James Milner or someone like them in the championship
  11. Castro is looking dangerous when gets the ball we need to close him down
  12. Once again they fail to bring in people from next door that are coming from the tennis
  13. And I had a chance with Sarah Finn in high school. I thought Brisbane were on our ass and could of scored in the last ten mins but yeah we did play well most of that game just frustrated atm
  14. We were lucky to win against Brisbane and mariners have improved and at their home it was always going to be tough. I’m so frustrated not only do we not know what’s happened with Bruno we haven’t solved it his still at the club and we haven’t replaced him then he puts de laet in attack.
  15. Delbridge for me he defended well and also did some great crosses one of them should of been a goal to Atkinson
  16. I thought Brisbane should of got the goal with taggart and we were nothing special at all. But delbridge has improved so much
  17. i am not sure which topic to post this in so i thought i would create a new one. But it really bothers me how much it costs to buy a ticket to a game at aami park especially if you want to sit on the wing. Just think the stadium is barley full they should open up the wings more try and get the families sitting there then the behind the goals will have the lads who want to sing and make noise. I'm just wondering what others think can improve our home games.
  18. Why aren’t they advertising this??!!
  19. I still don’t understand how we haven’t played Manchester city in the off season Gold Coast doesn’t count. Seems like such a missed opportunity every year
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