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  1. Where do you check? We need to hit 10k absolute minimum for a club in Melbourne imo
  2. Nice man I’m thinking of getting the $30 and checking out a match. Last I heard they have less then 1,000 members signed up
  3. We should be aiming to win this Cup now we can beat any of the remaining teams
  4. You get two tickets to the match with a $15 membership will you go mate?
  5. We have the second most expensive membership in the league behind Perth
  6. Just looking at the fixtures again I really like the early kick off time I think they have done a good job with it
  7. No it didn’t he already play in the prem and Scottish league before the a league
  8. I just want to add with Sydney, Perth and victory out Sportsbet have Melbourne city as favourites to win the ffa cup. Personally I think it’s going to be wsw winning it at their new stadium
  9. I’m happy with the early kick off times
  10. I was thinking this last night let’s say we have a brilliant year we final qualify for Asia to play acl next season. Then offers come for our players do we sell everyone we can (the cfg plan) or do we really try and keep them for a season to be competitive in the acl?
  11. Can we ditch florin and get lee catermole or someone that we’ve heard of lee is a free agent
  12. Fair comments If we go below western United and victory then what happens?
  13. Stop it stop it Can’t you see this barnyard animal guessing game is tearing us as apart!!
  14. Damn I feel bad missing the two friendlies are many people going?
  15. The fixture will come out this week just interested to know what games people would like to see. Personally I’d like more day kick offs and to see the derbies given space. We need to try and get a bigger attendance around the Australian open and some of the public holidays.
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