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  1. Also if they want to attract new members in this area with these friendlies can someone tell them to advertise! Put a flyer in Coles, have players go to Bentleigh schools have some presence for once please
  2. First preseason match for me looking forward to it
  3. I still don’t understand why we don’t play Manchester city in Melbourne. It’s a missed opportunity every year
  4. Ok it’s not a kpi. The club most likely has a expectation he plays attacking football and will judge him on his ability to produce attractive football
  5. This is a unpopular opinion but I’d like to see him stay in the a league. The league is dying and players like Bart bring more credibility to the league
  6. I don’t expect a name like robben but somebody I’ve heard of like lee catermole that’s a name you can set a watch to
  7. His KPIs are qualifying for Asia, playing attacking football and quarter finals of ffa cup
  8. Looks good so him and delbridge as centre backs
  9. Anyone know a discount code for membership?
  10. Who does everyone want to face? i really like this tournament I want it to get more popular
  11. He was always a underwhelming signing a player from the second division in France meanwhile other clubs are getting guys from the top Dutch league
  12. He must be behind the get active idea I don’t mind it we need to have a vocal active area
  13. We should go for Lynden, Nikita and meredith would be good to see some new Aussies. Also any news on brattan and birra?
  14. Just reading about bankwest stadium I wish we had safe standing at aami Park
  15. When do you blokes look to get membership for next season? It’s only June so I thought I might wait a bit it always comes late
  16. We have produced a fair amount of a socceroos to be fair
  17. Don’t blame them atm but once the a league goes independent and the clubs can do their own thing maybe it’ll change
  18. Membership consultant but as someone mentioned they do it in Adelaide and the people there couldn’t give a stuff. I know the afl memberships are done with their clubs and don’t think they have problems
  19. Meanwhile people like me who are passionate about the club can’t get a interview to work for the club...
  20. I’m not being funny but is there anyone within the club we as fans could talk to about players to sign? We’re a small club in a small league surely it wouldn’t be the worst thing to do to help the club
  21. Off season starts now
  22. Any of those would be great even the return of golgol
  23. But they still paid for arzani and Mooy so city are marking money.
  24. Anyone in particular we should target in the offseason?
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