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  1. I’d loan Atkinson to Wellington
  2. Victory already got their membership..
  3. Guy was a freak on my football manager game with Middlesbrough
  4. I think we’re a bit clingy here wow
  5. Fair enough I don’t think we need Ross but we need a back up striker for Bruno. I’d rather get a cb to partner Bart
  6. Why do we care what other teams do here? Shows deep down we don’t have much trust in Joyce and cfg if we’re so arsed up about This
  7. What’s the carrot and celery diet I might try that
  8. Member get member is a good idea but it’s to hard to get people to sign up to a membership. I’d like to see a program on actually getting mates to games.
  9. Are there any players out there we should go for?
  10. I’d like to see the players have more interaction with the media some of them have good personalities and stories to get attention
  11. Had a really good experience with a bloke from the membership team very helpful. i hope we get at least 11 k this year
  12. I don’t understand the reaction to that blokes opinion the fact is we don’t have as many fans as we should we don’t even fill half the stadium. So he made some pretty good points about why people won’t support this club
  13. I’m not asking for a Honda but someone like a Bruno or Harry that want to be here and can play!
  14. I think there are heaps of eurosnobs that will buy a ticket to watch Honda
  15. I don’t understand why we aren’t playing against Manchester city in the off season
  16. I don’t really know what else they could do to enhance the experience. The stuff they do at the park gives us a presence
  17. My friend said he can’t contact the city membership team. With less then 10,000 members you’d think they would have time to take calls
  18. Melburnians should kick out any dickheads who are known to cause trouble.
  19. Besides for the fact that we were way outnumbered my victory fans. I woke up hearing the Herald Sun and 3AW reporting negative press about the game. Regardless that we lost and we have a small number of fans the game is being tarnished because of the crowd. Wondering what people thought about it.
  20. Walking from the train station to the ground then back to the station I was outnumbered by victory supporters. We need to up the fans it was really bad for a derby.
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