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  1. I don’t think western United will be a successful club I’ll be surprised if they get more fans to Geelong then we do. But if they are successful where does that leave us?
  2. Then a league clubs announced their plan for the future but they left out the salary cap being removed. So where does that leave us to ever spend the money we have?
  3. It’s really sad because Bruno was the closet thing we’ve had to a club legend hopefully kisnorbo comes in and does a good job
  4. Only young coming into a Unbalanced squad
  5. Honestly city class isn’t that great but I hope you enjoy it and you’re right the club needs to do more to engage the fans
  6. citypool

    Scott Munn

    Who’d you have instead?
  7. Would you keep brattan then who’s been pretty solid for a number of years.
  8. I’d like to keep most of the team I don’t want a large number leaving.
  9. Does it look like Joyce will stay next season?
  10. Going to this second away game for me. Hoping we get the win but newey will definitely be up for this I can’t see Ernie letting them off
  11. It took Ross a few games to get going so give Harrison a chance
  12. I actually think these players should play futsal in the off season so we can improve our attacking
  13. Anyone going to that city talk thing at imperial with Scott munn, jamo And Joyce?
  14. Does anyone know the promo code for the Newcastle vs city match?
  15. If they come in with more Chants to do with our players and less to do with victory and muscat I reckon it’ll be better
  16. We can still be competitive in the finals. But being further away from Asia is the real kick in the nuts
  17. This is the game that a guy on Facebook encourages everyone to bring a mate to boost the attendance. At least his trying.. Adelaide are just as up and down as we are and they didn’t have a striker for most of the season so should be interesting
  18. Malik must be pissed we sent him to Saudi Arabia for no reason now
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