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  1. Imo we have to finish second. This club needs to evolve and play champions league it’s our destiny
  2. Wow funny we start talking about him and he scores two goals now
  3. Just want to see this club finish second so we can finally play champions league
  4. Thanks for the reply the yellow card and the knock I understand but imo subbing a central defender after 45 mins is a waste of a sub
  5. I went to a championship game and I noticed they have a huge section of the stadium is reserved for families. we have a different culture to the brits but anyone think this is something that could improve the family experience back at the a league?
  6. We have to finish top two this year and get an acl spot it’s the only way this club will move forward
  7. One thing that bugs about jamo is his always complaining at the ref his the only captain I see do that
  8. No a league team really needs him so I wonder where he’ll go
  9. I don’t care about rivalries it’s generally disappointing to see victory with such a poor crowd
  10. Newcastle played well against Adelaide I just don’t see this as a easy match
  11. Better football to watch at 2:00 am in the morning maybe but other leagues function we probably just need smaller stadiums as everyone is saying and be happy with crowds of 10k
  12. Like to see us go for aaron Lennon as a marquee player
  13. Sorry mate had to trade you out from my fantasy team
  14. Like to see us play manchester city or New York City In the office season at aami Park
  15. Why not they gave tickets away with McDonald’s last year
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