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  1. 3 hours ago, n i k o said:

    It's mostly the rest of the trolls on the internet that are salty we're in the Grand Final. Wouldnt worry too much about it. Enjoy the build up to Saturday. 

    I’m two sides about the metrics. One side I think it’s very lame to talk about figures like you need to justify it. But I want the a league to succeed and the ratings/attendance is terrible.


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  2. Hearing that having already lost Keanu Baccus, Phill Cancar and Thomas Aquilina, Western Sydney Wanderers risk losing young midfielder Alessandro Lopane (2004) to Melbourne City, who view the young attacking midfielder as a replacement for St Pauli-bound Connor Metcalfe.

  3. My problem with active is with the anonymous of being part of a large group people can basically act like a dick head and get away with it.

    some of the Facebook comments in the group are a bit off as well. But I’ve met some of them on away trips before covid and they were ok in person 

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