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  1. 1 hour ago, jw1739 said:

    Valon Berisha has left Reims and is without a club now.

    Thomas Lam is back at PEC Zwolle and playing in the Eredivisie.

    Richard van der Venne is with FC St. Gallen in the Swiss Super League and has been on the bench for all 6 matches, with a total of just 41 minutes on the field.

    I wonder whether they all left here because they were sick of Rado-ball?

    Love to see either of them back at city or another a league club 

  2. 2 hours ago, Zanty said:

    By the looks of it the "Reserved Seating" sections are selling well, Cat B & A are doing ok. Away Bay & Active Bay are both about the same which is a little concerning 

    Should have said but this is for the Ventforet game, the Buriram United Reserved Seating is selling really well which is good to see as that is just under 2 months away

    Any reason why it's selling well? 

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