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  1. 10 hours ago, jw1739 said:

    Yes, what a change to walk to station after the match feeling good. We were still fairly sterile in the first half, but once we started to actually attack the Perth goal we looked a lot better. Tilio easily our most attacking player, and IMO Van Der Venne had a very good first full match in a City shirt. JMac and Leckie both not quite sharp enough today, question mark over Berisha and Nabbout did nothing when he came on. Defence solid but but IMO Talbot will be giving way to Galloway soon.

    Crowd a little disappointing perhaps, but Perth have never been a good drawcard at AAMI and being the last day of the Cup Festival didn't help.

    Overall though really good to see City getting four and keeping a clean sheet as well.

    We only got 3k less then the wanderers so we’re staying with the other team’s average. I’d like the club to show more ambition though we’re a top team on the pitch so we need to be strong off as well. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, bellydrum said:

    Pure fantasy some of the stuff written here. On a football forum you expect some armchair tacticians, but now we have body-language experts and psychologists.

    As for Ufuk, the bloke is just as bad as PK if not worse on the sidelines.

    So who you rate as a good a league manager? I though ufuk has done ok for Wellington considering the limited resources they had over covid 

  3. The league is doing better with attendance to start the season. We’re got fantasy/tipping, round ball rules and articles on KEEPUP also the weekly Docos. It’s a step in the right direction the a league is exciting we just need to market the players more.

    Maclaren really should be the face of the league as well 

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  4. 5 hours ago, Baka1 said:

    Fuck it’s nice to beat them again. Tonight felt very old school Heart vibes, noticed a lot more red and white in the away end. Loved the pyro party 

    I find pyro really cringe and the chants about Muscat. The tilio chant was good tho keep the focus on the lads 

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