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  1. While it is widely known that Aston Villa is keen in selling him, Ross' aren't allowed to play in another English club due to the third club rule. His other option is to play in MLS where it has been reported that several clubs are after him, LA Galaxy, Orlando City and Colorado Rapids are all interested in bringing him to play football in the United States ahead of their new season. Stiff competition out there to get him. Hope CFG is doing all they can,
  2. "Tottenham Hotspur’s players will receive a £2 million bonus to share between them as a reward for qualifying for the knockout stages of the Champions League. The Times has learnt that the club’s Champions League players’ pool is worth a total of £7.5 million for winning the competition, with the size of the payments increasing the further they progress. Tottenham’s success in reaching the last 16, which was achieved as a result of Wednesday’s historic victory over Real Madrid at Wembley, has triggered the first bonus payment. Every player who has featured in the Champions League this season is entitled to a share of the £2 million, which averages out at £105,000 a man, although the exact size of the payment is determined by their number of appearances." - https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/2m-bonus-for-tottenham-hotspur-players-73q9gd7rp Shrewed arrangement made by Levy .. as it should be as this is how the real world operates, performance-based pay. Unfortunately, this is not how many clubs operate and so we have to constantly battle with others for good players.
  3. Think I came 3 times during that match
  4. can't wait for the next game to start.. playing against Liverpool will always be hard... we need to have to go at them as the defence is still shaky but they have good players going forward anyway, ICYMI: this is will be an interesting read as the author was given exclusive access to Poch and players .. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Brave-New-World-Inside-Pochettinos/dp/1409157717 Main topic discussed in the book is Poch's managerial style and some topics include events leading up Kyle Walker's departure.. Interesting read I'd say
  5. Thought I would share this considering he did score a goal for us over the weekend and I think it could work: For us, my suggestion will be: Oh he will score another (switch from five hundred in the vid) goal Oh he will score another goal Ross McCormack Ross McCormack Ta te then x 5 Repeat
  6. Well said.. time to let go of the past but never forget our humble beginning and I am pretty sure CFG has the same view otherwise, why would they include our heart logo in our new crest?. Man Utd is a case in point, when it was founded, it was called Newton Heath LYR Football Club back in 1878. To me, it is normal for a club to evolve and change its name, crest etc to suit their needs and we should embrace it and at the same time, be proud of our history. All this 'identity crisis' bullshit is just the media playing mind games to discredit a club. Just look forward to the time when we become successful. What I am looking forward to is to see our young players move up the ranks and eventually playing in the big clubs in Europe. Because they now have a pathway to do that through CFG. I still watch in awe of Aaron Mooy rubbing shoulders in EPL with the likes of Hazard, Coutinho, Aguero etc. I love pointing it out to non-football people that this guy used to play for us because I am proud of it! Haters will be haters! Let them be. For us fans, let us just enjoy the ride!
  7. Exactly.. who can forget his run in with Booschart... he is a disgrace in my view. To think that he is going to be an Aussie pretty soon, surely he fails the character test..
  8. http://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/blog/2017/02/09/why-did-berisha-provocateur-go-unpunished
  9. this guy. why the fuck we signed him at the first place is beyond me... get the fuck out of my club you useless spud!
  10. Not sure how true it is but he is off to Incheon United
  11. 20 biggest Sporting stadiums reveal http://www.news.com.au/sport/american-sports/nba/the-20-biggest-sport-stadiums-in-the-world-ranked-by-current-capacity/news-story/80518908e2555e277565b87fd019e462
  12. Looking forward to get punished in the dying minutes of the game.. again.. If we win.. we win
  13. Keep Colazo .. fuck Rose off
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