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  1. THIS IS MINT!!!! Do victory use a Chant like this? If so scrap the idea!
  2. love this, would be perfect. so catchy n WE NEED TO BELT THIS OUT SO LOUDLY ON FRIDAY!!!
  3. no way, the city take over is the best thing that has ever happend to us!
  4. The continental hotel. What you doin on the island?Week away with the ladyDont expect any atmosphere.Don't complain. Last year in phuket at the pub, 3 screens showing rugby game and one without any volume showed 3rd derby. I asked to put volume up and got laughed at by the rugby fukweets!! Btw I was the only one watching soccer without volume while all the fat fucks were grunting non stop. Should have burned that place. I love phuket what pub in phuket did u go to? im here and trying to find somewhere to watch it in patong THE AUSSIE BAR in Bangla Road mate!
  5. Were you the fella in the Man City kit who told the Capo to grab a drink of water? HAHHA
  6. Agreed, along with "Fuck All The Rest" yep spot on! both of these should be scrapped.
  7. Are we eligible to have a tifo on Saturday night even though it's an away game? If so, could we somehow get this made? it would be pretty epic I reckon!
  8. yeah I'm with you on that one mate. I'd say 18.5 max!
  9. got some awesome news fellas! Category Premium A is sold out and as you can see by this picture they're indicating the top deck will be open...
  10. how much for a scarf and a few stickers fellas?
  11. mitchellmcleod

    David Villa

    so what are we using on Sunday?
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