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  1. hit the nail on the head. Our midfield and front 3 are undroppable when in form
  2. complete bullshit call HOLY FUCK WHAT A FUCKING SAVE
  3. bos motm. solid performance, typical of last season. great considering the backline we started with. youth showed maturity.
  4. why cant florin do that every game. what a ball and good finish!
  5. he is one of like 3 aussie young kids that have the potential to be world class. he dominated vs spain and argentina
  6. must be the heat cos we look fked already. passing is dogshit like really bad
  7. nabbout needs to win his place back. Atkinson is our best player alongside Metcalfe and Maclaren. I can see Metcalfe having a breakout season though, he seems to be improving, especially in front of goal. Rare to Have such a complete player in the A league so young. Took the utter piss vs south
  8. anyone want a ballpark what hes on for us, given his experience in a top euro league and not totally past it?
  9. mooy on a short term deal - heard it here first
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