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  1. I have seen on Twitter that we are interested in James Delianov of Adelaide United next season as a Glover replacement, he was in our academy and was pretty decent for Adelaide before he got injured, only 22 as well
  2. I believe Sail has an aussie passport so I dont think he would count as a visa + his contract isn't up till 2023, Piscopo is someone I would love city to sign as he is a free agent in a couple months but where would he fit in the side?
  3. who else were we meant to bring on though? People asking why endoh or pucci were not brought on and the reason was they cannot play the role metcalfe or gomulka play and valadon was the best suited option. Pucci 100% was a waste of money by the club but endoh has been brought in purely to have more depth going into the ACL.
  4. I think in reality a draw is not a bad start with the heat and lack of midfield, i mean we gave someone a debut in the ACL before he has even played in the a-league which shows how little depth we have right now, if Leckie is out we are in trouble but hopefully Metcalfe is back for the next game but in reality we should be beating United City fairly comfortably
  5. Any source or more or heard it through someone at the club?
  6. Due to all AFC club competitions shifting calendars apparently there will be no AFC qualification for any AFC league this season.
  7. Zanty

    Tom Glover

    I definitely think we need to sign a new goalkeeper for next season, I feel like Glover makes at least one mistake each game and it makes me very nervous as a fan, I would love to see someone like Paul Izzo brought in to give Glover proper competition
  8. I remember seeing PK shout to Nabbout to move somewhere and then he did it and Nabbout just looked confused why he was told to move to that specific area, I remember seeing him throwing his hands up like 'wtf was the point of that" PK certainly seems like a perfectionist to say the least
  9. His main job is not to create danger for the other team, his job is to protect the defence and also be a possessional pivot who is always open for a pass so the team can recycle possession, Luna job was to overload the wide areas and also drive up the field with the bowl, just like berenguer is doing and what Pucciarelli should be doing if he actually played....
  10. O'Neill is more of a traditional 6 whilst luna was more of an advanced 8/10 so very different positions
  11. I feel like he would have been starting by now but Berenguer is in some of his best and most consistent form he has ever been in at the club and it would be dumb to drop him whilst he is playing like he is playing
  12. It is hard right now to choose who would replace him, another international coach? Des? maybe someone like Arthur Pappas?
  13. seems like he is more versatile depth for the league and ACL
  14. we have a very complicated role for our full backs so it will take a few games for anyone to get used to when to invert and when not to and also when to press and so on
  15. I think "PK Out" is still a bit early tbh, obviously we are no where near where we need to be rn, but where we are at the middle-end of the season is when judgement should be cast, obviously this game we had no LMN, Tilio and Metcalfe and the mariners performance showed that we are decent side still, we just have to hope we got on a similar undefeated streak as last season.
  16. I don't think we can just swap like that in a season but i could be wrong, although next season we have the second designated player spot coming in which gives more room, I feel Metcalfe would not be playing as much if he was set to leave, we saw this with Atkinson.
  17. Pucciarelli is not in the cap he is our designated player for this season
  18. I could see us maybe putting Jenkinson in defensive midfielder and then play O'Neill in that 8 role and then berenguer at the more advanced 8, then have pucciarelli as a false 9
  19. Surely Pucci has to start against Western? We have no Maclaren, Leckie, Tilio and Metcalfe and in terms of senior midfielders we have O'Neill, Flo, Gomulka, Lesiotis and Pucci, Surely a O'Neill, Berenguer, Pucciarelli midfield?
  20. What a signing he would have been though, if it did happen I feel major salary cap questions would be asked
  21. Exactly this, Also Curtis Good has not been playing due to taking a while to recover from Covid
  22. If the club is sticking with the tradition of signing free agents then I reckon its Yuki Kobayashi https://www.transfermarkt.com/yuki-kobayashi/profil/spieler/145996 Most notable club being Heerenveen in the Netherlands
  23. Hopefully it is no one of that list, cause none of them look great tbh, hopefully either a loan or we have paid a transfer fee
  24. Tilio was not great at all this game, Metcalfe will be missed though. Preferred line up would be : Glover Jenkinson, Nuno Reis, Griffiths, Jamo O'Neill, Berenguer, Pucciarelli? Nabbout, Cola, Bos If Good was fit then I would say play Griffiths in defensive midfield, O'Neill in the 8 role Berenguer in the advanced 8 role and then Pucciarelli as a false 9
  25. I am guessing Bos, Hall, Jenkinson, Galloway? or maybe Galloway, Hall, Stokes, Jenkinson?
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