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  1. Probably the worse kind of game to debut in tbh, Derby where the tempo was already quite high, should come better with more gametime.
  2. Yes, in a 4231 think the best lineup is. Young Galloway Souprayen Good Fernandez Jeggo Arslan Jakolis Leckie Tilio Maclaren
  3. no point sacking him, nothing changes.
  4. Is this the youngest visa signing we have ever signed?
  5. Behich release statement came after the Jeggo signing, so Tilio and one more, could still happen. Window is shut but we have announced signings in the past after the window has shut like Maclaren & Natel
  6. Well if he does well enough then we can easily extend his contract without worrying about outside interference from other clubs.
  7. How? He is still on the same wages we are paying him. Salary Cap is the issue
  8. It is the registration window which I think is the issue. Karacic signed for a club in Croatia today.
  9. Are we forgetting who our owners are?
  10. This club has gone to shambles, been announced by Al Nassr but nothing from the club explaining what has happened.
  11. https://x.com/MelbourneCity/status/1752256714420998574?s=20
  12. 3. Young 2. Antonis 1. Good Talbot 3????
  13. Mauk also isn't a "former socceroo" so would not fit the description anyway
  14. Not sure about that imo, I reckon we are ahead of Mumbai City, and CFG aren't going to abandon the club with us being one of the "Branded" Clubs + there is only so much on field investment we can receive with the salary cap.
  15. Bozanic, James Holland or Hrustic would be my guess
  16. https://x.com/grimaud_john/status/1750332425589440758?s=20
  17. This season is the gift that keeps on giving! Think we can write this season off tbh.
  18. I think some of the players just need good coaching. Not necessarily getting rid of them.
  19. Arslan & Sakhi are class, it's just Vidmar seems to think Sakhi is a traditional 6 where just isn't, more of a deep lying playmaker than anything. Although he is not exactly what we expected Ugarkovic is still the best for that out and out defensive midfielder role.
  20. The issue is, wasn't Ugarkovic meant to be this imposing 6 that we want?
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