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  1. https://keepup.com.au/news/a-league-news-afc-champions-league-cup-spots-explained-who-plays-in-asia/
  2. I don't believe we have any free slots atm
  3. I have heard that but I have also heard that nothing has been accepted and city have a contract offer on the table
  4. Performances have usually been good until about 4-5 weeks ago, but 18 goals conceded in 10 games is worrying
  5. The front line is not clicking without Leckie that is evident, But we are too leaky in defence, and that's not a personnel issue it's a structure issue which Rado can easily fix imo
  6. if we do not win the premiers plate Rado has to go
  7. they said minor injury so I do no think it will be that long
  8. imo yes, he has only had half a season, being in Ligue 2 might help them install the play style they want also says that Ugarkovic is already lined up to replace him
  9. Rado said in a press conference that the club are still in talks with O'Neill so it is definitely a backup option in case he leaves
  10. During international break so wont miss any games
  11. I noticed is has not been mentioned but apparently we are interested in bringing in Steven Ugarkovic next season if O'Neill does not re-sign
  12. Vidosic in his press conference said the club are looking to bring a Gomulka replacement before the window shuts
  13. his ability to score goals and press is so good that the fact he is not great in the build up is irrelevant
  14. Correct the next ACL lines up with next seasons A-League going from September-May
  15. His contract is up at the end of the season and we need to re-sign him ASAP
  16. I do not think he will tbh, he is the clubs technical director and in terms of tactically driving the club forward he is not the guy but he is good at keeping the team as a steady ship
  17. my guess is Rado will see out the season and then we will bring in an overseas coach
  18. Zanty

    Tom Glover

    hard to blame him for a slip tbh, will be interesting to see if we re-sign him as his contract is up end of the season
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