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  1. Great result, but jeez the Brisbane defence was woeful... Fantastic for JMac with the hattrick tonight, 150th A League goal and 100th for us... and good to see Natel extract the digit finally Absolute standout though is Arslan - from what we've seen so far surely has to be one of the best to wear our colours
  2. Very disappointing. As remarked earlier this side isn't fit to carry the boots of some of those from previous seasons, it's going to be a long year at this rate.... Having said that, Arslan is a great player and in one of our previous sides would probably have been a shoo-in for the ALPOY. Late in the second half he looked knackered and as frustrated as all hell though, hopefully he does not start to question what he's doing here and pack up early. Natel is the exact opposite, waste of a visa and squad spot ATM. Didn't realize Sakhi was playing for much of the second half. Also no idea what Galloway has done to deserve it, but he has been treated miserably by this club. There is no way he should be behind Talbot for starting Right Back - he was belted all over the park today and has been poor all season. Next week could be disgusting.
  3. Apologies if this has been discussed earlier in the forum, but am I the only one who is completely underwhelmed by the continual choice of ordinary managers by this club given the fabled world-wide clout of our parent organisation? Is it so hard to convince a decent established or emerging foreign manager to come out here that we're forced to recycle these local managers who seem to be recruited from the assistant ranks at other clubs after failed spells at the helm elsewhere? I know the A-League is far from the pinnacle of world football, but you'd think a decent manager could be convinced to come out here, even to raise their profile within CFG ranks.... Despite all the dumb-ass rules this league has in place, surely off field staff are one area where the financial benefits of being part of CFG would be able to be applied??
  4. I think the commentators mentioned on Sunday that we had approached Oakleigh to use their facilities, following some comment along the lines of 'whoever wins it looks like we'll see another cup game here'
  5. Agree 100% with this; I thought the change was going to be a good thing but it's turned into an absolute turd sandwich. I think it was watching the lead in to the completely-unbiased-and-not-at-all-NSW-centric telecast of the GF - right before Paramount froze and I couldn't see kickoff - that I finally lost all faith that the league remains a legitimate competition. TBH if I didn't care about City I'd walk away from following the A-League today.
  6. Does anyone know if they've officially canned Traveller memberships for us Country yokels? I received an email offer to renew that specific package 'one last time' but when I follow the link I do not have any products available to renew, and I can't see anything on the membership packages for it. Probably not a big issue across our supporters but someone may know
  7. It is getting harder and harder to maintain an interest; after enduring the pre-match pro-Mariners gabfest and about 15 mins of the 'home crowd' sending out the Bronx cheers every time City got mentioned on the PA I actually wondered what the point of watching was, it was so lopsided to be completely unenjoyable (even before the result). Given it will be like this from here on in (FW Townsend has basically said as much in that article) I can't see how this will ever be fair to a team from outside NSW given those points you have made jw. In a way, I was glad Jamo didn't come on at the end of the match as it would have been no way to send him out - a 6-1 loss and more than likely a hostile reception from the crowd, what with the 'Kill Bambi' narrative the media concocted to raise interest.
  8. This bloke.... In the same article- '...we're trying to work through with engagement and the things we're putting in place with our fans to rebuild that relationship.' Then, when asked about the fairness of the 'neutral' venue change'- 'People need to get beyond that, right.'
  9. Could not care less if all of these defenders never play for us again. And Nabbout can stay in Sydney. Gutless, heartless, shameful. Embarrased to be wearing a city shirt right now - never thought I’d say it. Happy APL gets the result it has been pushing for a fortnight and we’re stuck with this bullshit Sydney GF for the indefinite future. What a shocking night. (edit - for context I’m a PAFC supporter in the AFL and was at the MCG for the GF in 2007 against Geelong, and this is much, much worse)
  10. Absolutely fucking disgraceful and embarrassing.
  11. Boy this Paramount pre game coverage has been completely fair and balanced between the two teams…
  12. What an absolute farce this whole 'festival of football' has become. Sadly predictable. On a slightly different course, came across this article opinion on 'the Roar' earlier today - for your reading pleasure. https://www.theroar.com.au/2023/05/30/jamieson-to-kill-bambi-yet-most-fans-want-to-see-the-good-guys-slaughter-city/
  13. Had to be them didn’t it. Absolute scumbags, one of the dickheads threw a metal bucket at our goalkeepers head. All the support there has been for football fans in this country after the last week just gone thanks to some of that pack of navy blue morons
  14. In light of this weeks events, this article from last year that Lucy Zelic put on twitter today seems relevant… https://www.sbs.com.au/sport/article/get-behind-us-and-well-deliver-vows-apl-boss-townsend/j2xvpqbgd
  15. It is baffling. It’s like they think we’re too thick to look into things ourselves or remember shit we read for longer than six minutes or something
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