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  1. https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSR3my111/ There he was just a-walkin' down the street, singin' 'Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do' Run in’ past bastards scoring 1 or 2 'Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do He looked good (Looked good) He looked fine (Looked fine) Jamie Mclaren on my mind And he’s City’s number 9
  2. How this man didn't win "Young Player of the Year" has me absolutely baffled. Starting on the field in the team of the season and called up by the Socceroo's. Subsequent winner not even in the Olyroo's squad. It's supposed to be for the best player under 23 or am I not understanding the award eligibility correctly? Might as well rename the Dolan Warren awards to the Sydney FC Awards.
  3. Jack Clisby, Ruon Tongyik, Mark Birighitti and Oliver Bozanic all played a hard fought 0-1 loss to this years Champions on the weekend. Good effort.
  4. I disagree, I think both Sterling and Sane can. Hahaha I cannot wait for a whole season of these awful puns.
  5. He will be doing the job of 2 9's.
  6. R410

    MOTM vs WSW

    this is my favorite photo of the moment.
  7. Not this one but I will be at the Adelaide away game on March 16th?
  8. Tando and also if you'd like to get technical Nikola Roganovic had 2 appearances iirc.
  9. Should try sort out some sort of Thank you Fat Mac tifo.
  10. I think you’re correct. I must have a word with my “source”
  11. I see. I wasn’t aware that under 21’s could not take Visa spots. Does this even include Loan deals and Marquees?
  12. I’m hearing we may get Jesus Medina on loan.
  13. R410

    Tim Cahill

    Cahill to leave to make cap space Brandan to leave to make visa space sounds to me like they are trying to get Ross to stay.
  14. Maybe Fernando is fit an available and Joyce is just not picking him because of Fitzy's good form? Also, i cant see Joyce being a massive fan of his diving antics.
  15. City 1-0 Bort with a header from a corner
  16. R410

    Tim Cahill

    http://www.news.com.au/sport/football/tim-cahill-disrespected-the-socceroos-jumper-during-world-cup-qualifier/news-story/2c2ddd7ac1b2cbca239ce61590406267#.tcwin I hope this isn't true..
  17. I see on the facebook page they have said Stomping Ground Brewery are going to be selling beers at City Square. Does anyone know if they have food trucks, Kranskys huts or anything else food wise? Club website is has nothing.
  18. yes, and John to say we were just "unlucky"
  19. 1-1 half time Ross to come on and score a worldie from outside the box to win it
  20. Nie Marcin Bez partii Polish for: No Marcin No Party (To the tune of Bersart the Gypsy)
  21. Opinions are like arseholes, you should get yours checked by a professional and if there is something wrong with it, get it fixed???
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