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  1. Wonder how the derby will play into this one...
  2. So you're saying we need to bring back the sausage stand yeah?
  3. If I wasn't going to a gig that night I'd be super keen for a game at Casey Fields. Living in Wonthaggi it is way way closer to home than AAMI park. I understand though that it's a pain in the dick for a lot of people to get to though.
  4. How lucky are we he didn't go to perth in the end eh?
  5. So we could get 7400 to the Grand Final based on current capacity limits. But that isn't enough for the Grand Final. Last years grand final had only 7051 in attendance... just saying.
  6. No love between Jamie and Perth is there. "He's not my mate" referencing Tony Sage lol.
  7. Wales sucks. What a waste of a spot. Grant should have had 2nd yellow for pulling shirt up.
  8. Go back to the FFA cup semi against Victory when Cahill was in a similar position. No consistancy.
  9. Paartalu header is my favorite. Not the best goal but so late in the game and up their end just loved it.
  10. It’s the same story really every season. It’s becoming repetitive, are we ever going to see this gun marquee or visa signing who can play that creative role!
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