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  1. Very flat night and as others have pointed, Jamo and Galloway didn't offer the same attacking threat Bos and Talbot do. Perhaps it was the cameras, but i thought the pitch looked really slow. Can't remember the last time we missed so many easy passes, many were short or behind the player. It just didn't look right.
  2. Leckie, in particular in this league, can play anywhere in the front half. He's probably our best #10 when he moves into that position. Can easily play as a hold up #9 (strong and technical), fast enough as an off the shoulder #9 and can out jump most defenders and is a great header. Great asset.
  3. Probably the best I've seen us play without taking all 3 points. For a team sitting 3rd or whatever and at home, i thought WSW were pathetic. Guess the result is the only thing that matters in the end but they were totally shithouse, as the stats prove. And contrary to the commentary, their defence was woeful. No structure or skill; just a bunch of big blokes sitting deep and trying to fill up space. Then hopefully get a long ball out and pray Borello outsprints his opponent. If people think Rudan is a good coach, they're clueless. Any other day and we could have put 6 past them.
  4. So with that logic you'd therefore be ok with most of the OSM/NT, etc to be still allowed at games if they didn't jump the fence or throw a flare?
  5. Oh c'mon. They threw multiple flares onto the pitch, burning a hole in the net which put a stop to the game. That's just straight out vandalism. What do you expect the club to do, congratulate them? Just because Victory fukd up more doesn't mean we're excluded from any punishment.
  6. Also, whilst the majority of those fukwits are just straight out thugs, sadly there are a few kids in there too, most probably quite impressionable at that. For humanity's sake, you'd like to believe they're regretting their actions and might actually learn from this. For these kids, who a few probably play for clubs, you'd think that being banned from playing and being involved would be a massive punishment. Playing and registering for a club would be much easier to police.
  7. Yep. Sounds great but how do you police it? Fine if you're playing at a high tech stadium that uses advanced facial recognition. But how do you keep them out of a suburban NPL game or at Fed Square as part of a bumper crowd? Because they're just as good at causing trouble there as they are at an A League derby. They need criminal records and some jail time. Might be unrealistic with the way our justice system works, but it's the only way to deter them.
  8. Does it matter though? They were part of the Victory active group. Victory have had a long time to get it right and ultimately haven't been able to control their fans. In the end, the club has to take the responsibility, members or not.
  9. I think that's fair enough tbh. Victory only responded yesterday morning and FA have been busy handing out bans to those people identified and police continue to find more people everyday. They've identified over 50 now and charged about 13. It will happen, perhaps tomorrow we'll start hearing what the sanctions will be for victory as they're due to play Monday and probably need answers by then.
  10. 38 degrees expected. Surely that's too hot for the 2pm game at least.
  11. rass

    Tom Glover

    I reckon that's a long bow you're drawing there... And a bit off trying to get others to agree he knew exactly where and how far he had to throw it. Only Glover himself will know the answer... And tbf, he may himself even not know, it may have been totally reactive to the continued shit coming his way. Stupid thing to do and he'll probably get some sort of sanction from it. But this idea of him deliberately inciting them is total bullshit.
  12. Quite brilliant. Victory pressed hard early and made those first 10 minutes or so uncomfortable. But the moment their press softened, we took control and started playing through them confidently. It was a derby, but reckon we could have scored a few more had it gone the distance.
  13. For sure. If not last night, then another night. Was it dumb from Glover? Absolutely. But thinking he caused it is probably the most naive thing I've ever heard. ... And I've come to the realisation that as disgusting as the decision was from the APL, it wasn't the reason for last night either. They could have made such a powerful statement together if they wanted to. But they went for violence instead. They're triggers, not the cause. Look at the scenes from last night. Thugs wearing masks grabbing pieces from the advertising boards as they're invading the pitch. So ask yourself this, would you go to a game hiding behind a ski mask if your intention was to make a peaceful walk out protest? This has been brewing for years and years. Only a few months ago that same group went to a local npl match to cause trouble.. and found it. Pigs looking for trouble, just waiting for a spark to start it. ..and then jumping online to play the victim? Well that's just as cowardly as hiding behind masks.
  14. Reading a lot of stuff online, it truly amazes me how people are blaming Glover for starting this. How many people went to Fed Square for the Aus v Arg game? It was full of young dickheads lighting flare after flare and then just throwing them into the crowd. But that's ok right? Wouldn't be a stretch to suggest most of those people were also part of the mob who stormed the pitch tonight. Also, where did all those hoons get those white sticks they were throwing on the ground when they finally got kicked out? They just happened to have them in their hands did they? Glover put them there did he? Yeah it was dumb throwing the flare back, but those fukheads were obviously going to do it anyway. What a sad, feral society we have become.
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