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  1. Yeah me too, about to make a new account now lol
  2. https://youtu.be/BEJZcnne4UI Ain't nobody, Like Kilkenny, Makes me happy, Plays the city way Or https://youtu.be/C10XQ3MC7II
  3. Have a feeling you'll love Ruon Tongyik @strider
  4. hahahah Brandan's cheeky laugh when Bruno says Optus
  5. Yep this will be my first time going, I'm pumped. The card is stacked with talent, only wrestler I wanted to see that's not coming is Bray Wyatt but oh well
  6. My problem with Ambrose is his wrestling style. Technically he's a decent worker but his move set is terrible. All his (limited) moves look weak and not to mention his ridiculous rebound clotheside and little push of a suicide dive. Agree he would be a lot better as a heel, especially as a proper unpredictable lunatic not this corny try hard funny lunatic.
  7. TTDIM: The balloons in the terrace last night
  8. I've got a free general admission adult ticket if anyone wants it, can email it
  9. AaronAV11

    Nick Fitzgerald

    super, super Nick, super, super Nick, super, super Nick, super Nick Fitzgerald
  10. so who's winning the rumble tomorrow? Better not be triple h, can definitely see him coming in at 30 and screwing reigns over. I want bray Wyatt to win and then feud with Lesnar, the promos between Heyman and Wyatt would be great
  11. sounds like the same tune to here's to you Ben garrucio
  12. so the big question is who gets his super Dave chant?
  13. Just made a William Hill account then, so many big servers on today with Anderson, Isner, Muller, Lopez, Raonic, Johnson and more
  14. So if Caceras is the injury replacement for Gameiro how have we signed Fitzgerald? Just left over money under the cap?
  15. Definitely Paartalu for me, even if he didn't score I would've given it to him
  16. Clisby misses next game with 5th yellow
  17. Can anyone swap the colours on the man city home kit 15-16 and put our logo and stuff on it? I tried but I'm hopeless with photoshop haha
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