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  1. Yeah me too, about to make a new account now lol
  2. https://youtu.be/BEJZcnne4UI Ain't nobody, Like Kilkenny, Makes me happy, Plays the city way Or https://youtu.be/C10XQ3MC7II
  3. Have a feeling you'll love Ruon Tongyik @strider
  4. hahahah Brandan's cheeky laugh when Bruno says Optus
  5. Yep this will be my first time going, I'm pumped. The card is stacked with talent, only wrestler I wanted to see that's not coming is Bray Wyatt but oh well
  6. My problem with Ambrose is his wrestling style. Technically he's a decent worker but his move set is terrible. All his (limited) moves look weak and not to mention his ridiculous rebound clotheside and little push of a suicide dive. Agree he would be a lot better as a heel, especially as a proper unpredictable lunatic not this corny try hard funny lunatic.
  7. TTDIM: The balloons in the terrace last night
  8. I've got a free general admission adult ticket if anyone wants it, can email it
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