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  1. Oh yeah, that’s right, apparently from what I read, when I behave like a selfish prick and break the rules or like a scumbag and piss on the shrine, it’s not my fault as an individual who made that decision, I can just blame state govt.
  2. Will those guaranteed 25k ‘waiting in the wings’ members be there?
  3. Obviously good enough for the AFL, who are sending Syd teams to, of all places, Melbourne. Who would have thought.
  4. So they consider it “neutral venue”, when we are playing a Syd team.
  5. Look after yourself mate, looks like there’s a bit going on your area.
  6. Yes that one and the two derbies on Fox last night, for me feel like they were a lifetime ago.
  7. I would have been a very good chance the following Sunday being cup weekend, surely this time of year in Geelong they could play earlier in the day.
  8. so Nabbout has slipped down the pecking order, works nicely for the tards
  9. Pretty much what is said on here, or anywhere on the socials. Seeming no decent attacking game plan, club needs to have a good hard look, etc. Not the first time I heard him say it.
  10. Damian Mori on the ABC never shy about giving to MCY. Telling like it is.
  11. That would make sense, because if you had to make a forced change next week, you could bring in a guy who hadn’t sat on the bench all season.
  12. Yep, don’t mind it myself. Brings smile when if I hear it in the off season. At least we didn’t use a sentimental Sam Cooke song, which I consider to be unoriginal as it’s ripping off others(the style rather than the song itself).
  13. Excuse my memory loss , but did Bosnich & wifebeater carry on about VAR like this in the GF as well?
  14. Yep, agree JW. Have sat in 15 for quite a few years(I'm a bit old, and my boys a bit young for active), I thought it sounded good last night(loved that chant about going to school tomorrow after the incident before halftime!). To those there having a crack every home game, thanks, and we hope your back next season. Cheers.
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