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  1. They have 650 million put aside to build NYCFC a stadium. Could spend 25% of that and build an A-league quality stadium. They will want to own a stadium, considering they pretty much own the league now.
  2. I think you'll find, as much as WU are a laughing stock at the moment, IF they get their stadium up and running correctly, they will become the pinnacle of the A-league off field. Having their own stadium opens up revenue streams that no other A league club has. This league is purely about ROI for owners. All WU need to do is hold conferences, the odd Super rugby match, maybe some motorsport events and potentially a concert or two a year, and their revenues will outdo the rest of the A-league. If CFG can construct a stadium that holds 15k, which they own, and obtain revenue from 12 months of the year, they will do it. In fact, they have been beaten to the punch by WU in doing so.
  3. Costs 50k to hire AAMI, regardless of what the event is. Would be losing huge money on regular season home games, let alone FFA cup games to play there. Wouldn't surprise me if this is being used as a test case for a new stadium also. Gauging fans attendances from the area, as well as wining and dining local powerbrokers.
  4. Would that assume a 50/50 split between club and council potentially? Surprising there hasn't been any announcement on something like that if the council is already lobbying for funds.
  5. Sorry, i cant locate one online. It was in the cranbourne star today
  6. Just read an article saying they were lobbying for funds for a stadium? Has this been announced?
  7. Now they have pushed the GF back this game will slot in fine. They could even play it Friday 11th, with the next two finals being the saturday and sunday
  8. I dont think finals will be hosted in Melbourne at this rate anyway, so they could play in Sydney and then stay there until they detemrine what the go is. Play next Wednesday and then stay in Sydney and host the first final there.
  9. Seriously worried about when this game is going to be played. It doesnt look great
  10. This would be a major factor for sure. I would say MLS would be in the top 3 most likely spots for him to land. Covid well on the way to being controlled in the states too.
  11. Both days owned by AFL unfortunately. Crazy to go up against Hawthorn VS Geelong over the road on Easter Monday.
  12. Which just means teams need to pay a transfer fee, ala, Arzani
  13. Would have to think there will be clubs coming for him at seasons end. His value would have increased, which is what CFG care about. Hopefully he is happy being home and the lure of titles and being the all time leading A-league goalscorer is enough
  14. What are the rules regarding player ages? Is it Melbourne Citys under 23s?
  15. Some very good points here. Mark Bosnich is an advocate for this. Lets be honest. Only one city is going to be affected. Melbourne. Sydney NRL crowds are putrid and the league in general is held up by Brisbane, Melbourne and a couple of Sydney clubs. Syd FC, Wanderers and Macarthur would be largely unaffected. Stadiums are an issue, however this would be very easily solved with certain agreements on playing dates etc. All big Asian leagues are Feb/March to November. This is where we need to be. 15 teams, 28 games. No more. Short term pain for long term gain. Has to happen.
  16. True to their word, 3 game active membership has gone up online. Good initiative in my opinion.
  17. Had a long chat with our membership manager Dale yesterday He was great to speak to and discussed a number of the positive aspects of the club with me. I had spoken with Ryan previously who passed me up to Dale who took the time to speak with me. I was concerned about the active area and he mentioned to me that this week they are releasing a 3 game active membership, which should see some numbers grow in that area. Free for members FFA cup is brilliant
  18. When is the fixture being publically announced? I'm thinking of getting a membership for the first time this season and would like to see the fixture first.
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