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  1. Key points imo: 1. Andy harper shouldn't be allowed to commentate city games as he had shown time and time again he is unable to remain unbiased. 2. Leckie was fantastic in the middle of the park 3. Tilio has no final product and needs to work on his finishing if he is to be considered a star of this league 4. Best on ground (with leckie a close second) was Jordan Bos. I don't know how Harper could spend so much time praising Nani when Nani repeatedly attempted to take Bos on and was stopped in his tracks every time! Bos dominated that battle and should have had a goal to his name too after a spectacular run late in the game. I get that Nani is a big name, but he had an awful game. Gave a penalty away, went down repeatedly trying to claim a foul (and thankfully Alireza wasn't buying into it) and lost almost all his duels with Bos. Overall not the best second half, definitely needed to be more lethal and put the game to bed, but a win's a win and we are top of the league!
  2. I think we can all agree that PK has had a poor season as manager. Lack of game management/use of subs, lack of squad rotation, lack of ability to recognise when momentum is against us and adjust accordingly etc. However he has given us our first premiership and championship as a club, so regardless of how poor he performed this season, he deserves another chance to rectify his flaws. I agree with those saying that next season will tell us a lot about where PK is in regards to coaching ability. He needs to sign new recruits well, show that he can utilise the full squad, use subs effectively and consistently, and show that he has a plan B. If he insists on this 'trust the process' nonsense, then we will have an even poorer season next season and then i think it'll be justified that we call for PK's sacking
  3. I would be hugely impressed if we get Yengi to City. Why any young player would want to go to WSW to develop is beyond me
  4. Bring it on!! 3-1 win for us tonight! City come out firing with 2 early goals! Western get one back and then concede late while they chase the game. The narrative is perfect. Victory thinking they're the benchmark, coming to watch us lift the premiers plate, then bottling a lead in the semi to lose to the newest Vic side somehow despite having so many more supporters. Western happy to be in the big game for the first time but City come out and make history, putting their class and experience on show! Let's get behind them tonight and enjoy what will hopefully be an amazing night!
  5. I would start with the same starting line up as Adelaide. Bring on Griff if things with Gomulka aren't going well. Leave Flo in, as he will be better for having had the run and I don't think he would make that much of an impact off the bench. Bring on Tilio and Bos as impact players. I'm quietly confident we will win this. We have some champion players who missed the last GF and will be hungry to lift the toilet seat. I also think the occasion will potentially get to WU and we will be able to come out of the blocks firing and put a lead on the board early
  6. So i used to be an active member before I moved to Canberra. But I am coming down to Melbourne for the final. I selected melb city active support and got bay 15. I thought bay 16-18 were the active areas? Or has it been changed/extended for finals? Also for the march, is it still the imp that we start from or has that changed?
  7. Agreed we were the better side for the last 30 minutes against western the last time we played them. Came from 2 down if I recall and should have gotten ourselves a winner. The first 2 games we conceded early and weren't able to break them down so I agree, first goal is crucial. The other thing we need to remember is at the start of the season, our defence was leaking goals left right and centre. We have tightened up significantly since then. Our back 4 are in great form and I think this will make a huge difference compared to the earlier games against WU this season
  8. I just finished work, 80th minute saw Western were up 3-1. Watched the remainder of the match!! I can't begin to put in words how much I love seeing a packed Aami park with victory fans watching their team blow a 1-0 aggregate lead 4-2. What a night! But wait, aren't you the bench mark of the competition?!? Hahahahaha
  9. I've not been a fan of tilio in the middle at all so I'd be very happy to see Leckie run behind Macca and Tilio out wide. And I'd defs love to see Bos start in LB but I thought Jammo had a great game so I don't see him getting dropped
  10. Pretty happy with the result last night. I said pre game I'd take a draw and definitely feel much more confident now going into the second leg at home. Felt like apart from the first 10 minutes, City had the game on our terms. Adelaide didn't threaten all that much and whilst we weren't as threatening up front ourselves, I have a feeling in the back of our mind we were reluctant to throw the kitchen sink at them knowing a draw is a better result for us than them. I was also very impressed with how we finished off the game after Yengi came on. He had some moments that made me think there's no way we can stop him but then we lifted in the middle of the park and didn't even allow the Reds to get the ball into our half, nullifying Yengi as a result.
  11. Pencil it in tonight! City 3-1 winners. We will put to bed any doubt that we are the best team with a dominant performance away from home
  12. I'd be happy with a draw for the away leg. But honestly, if we lose by 1 goal I wouldn't be overly disappointed either. We've had multiple total capitulations over in Adelaide where we concede 3-4 goals. We absolutely can't afford to let that happen this time. At the absolute worst, a 1 goal loss is something we can expect to overcome in the second leg.
  13. Spot on mate. I moved to Canberra over 2 years ago but used to be an active support member since going back to the Heart days. I absolutely want the APL to bring in a Canberra mens team, not only because it'll be good for the league, but also so I can go see City play when they travel here.
  14. Being a Heart fan and Carlton fan, I've grown to just be blindly optimistic despite repeated hurt
  15. Well I'm nervous about Adelaide away. Always a tough place to play! But we'll have to take confidence from the fact we've been in winning positions both times there and hope to improve on that
  16. Agreed! Players look sick of the micro managing in game. Team selection has been questionable to say the least. Players not being rewarded after good performances but instead being benched for PKs favourites. Those ACL games were hugely disappointing the way PK managed them. Not making any changes in 38 degree heat when we are clearly out on our feet. It's ridiculous. Flo and O'Neil being injured reflects on him imo
  17. Great half! Dominated but lacking the final ball. I didn't watch the Perth game but leckie looks a little rusty again, like he did at the start of the season. Very much looking like a one sided game but we all know how quickly it can change so a third goal is crucial to kill this game. Also how lovely of the tards to come and watch us lift the plate.
  18. This team frustrates me so much. They started so bright but it's felt like the last 20 minutes they've forgotten they need 5 goals to finish top! Pick up the pace!!
  19. Good result. Now for Jeonnam to win against BG and today will have been a fantastic day!
  20. Tilio needs to get into the game more. We need to be able to play through the middle when the diagonal isn't on but it seems like that long ball is the only option we feel comfortable taking. And tbh, BG are pressuring Glover when he has the ball at his feet and no one is really making a run for him to pass to. Everyone needs to lift! Great start from Nabbout and Bos!
  21. This is it! Win and we top the group! Draw and we most likely finish second unless jeonnam can beat BG. Lose and we definitely finish second and hope to qualify as one of the best second placed teams. Throw the kitchen sink at BG and let's get the win! Glover has an opportunity to redeem himself. And imo if he plays well, we will win!
  22. That was fucked! I'm so over Glover costing us points ! Our priority over the off season has to be a new keeper!
  23. So it's no longer Nabhut it's now Naboh. Interesting. I can see this being a game where we score late against a tiring Jeonnam. They need the win more and seem to be pushing more, whereas we seem pretty content slowing the pace of the game down when we have the ball. In the heat, I'd say as long as we don't concede early in the second half, jeonnam will run out of legs and I can see us scoring late
  24. Well that was a heated match! Very impressed with the standard of the second division Korean team. And very happy we took the 3 points. Didn't look anywhere near as tidy as we have in previous games but we do look dangerous going forward
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