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  1. For a second I thought you meant Melbourne Hearts
  2. Arnold is successful as the records show. However, his style of play has always been very defensive. IIRC the style of play CFG wants is free flowing from the back and high scoring. This is not the style that GA has, even when he was at Sydney FC he played slow tempo defensive football and he had the cattle to create a more flowing style of game.
  3. Can't see it happening. Arnold is the antithesis of CFG football philosophy.
  4. That was hard!!! Flicked over to see Tunisia vs France and managed to see the equaliser. I am not a fan of parking the bus but it was effective tonight. Great to see Leckie score. I wonder whether he will be offered overseas contract now.
  5. Well I think that the previous coach was sacked the first week of November. It is more likely that CFG had been thinking about replacing the coach for a while and had been looking at potential candidates. But once the guillotine had been used then it quickly gathers pace. And yes, people do move at the drop of a hat
  6. The results speak for themselves, and even if I don't like his lack of substitutes, I cannot deny the results.
  7. Same kind of society as always. It is just that today it is being aired. It was the late 80s when Victorians discovered that the town of Ararat were stealing the money from the intellectually challenged and of course not feeding them/caring for them. This led to that institution being shut down and all the townsfolk made unemployed (no sympathy from me). Ultimately specialist care requires money and Australians don't like to pay taxes and don't like to police those institutions. I think that a lot of people will be watching the election results with interest. I won't be - I am going to a gig
  8. Out of curiosity I checked other CFG clubs to see whether their managers may be suitable. It turns out that three clubs are without managers:Troyes, Montevideo, Bolivar. Then there is Muscat (who definitely would be a no). If Paddy departs, should the candidate be a local or a visa manager? If visa what qualities do they need to bring to improve the squad further?
  9. Nothing wrong with being a feeder club. Currently we are on top, we are developing talented youth and we are winning trophies.
  10. Can't see a move to Troyes happening. Too big a leap.
  11. As long as the elected are constructive rather than destructive.
  12. You do realise that you can send in blank postal papers. I have done that before as I felt that there was no one really providing an inspiring future and nothing outstanding had happened. As for next week - I don't have any particular insight other than we need to wait and see. First up, I know that there are a lot of small business and sole traders (including tradies) who are pissed off. So I am expecting the ALP to lose a few seats. The unfortunate thing is that the coalition is unlikely to pick up many. There is the real danger that the coalition will lose seats to liberal independents. Right now looking at state divisions in WA & Vic we are witnessing the demise of the Liberal or at least an implosion. SA also has problems but of a different kind. NSW will be instructive next year. Tasmanians seem to be doing OK and Qld will most likely be tantalisingly close but not enough. So at the end of the day the lower house will have an ALP majority and a minority in the upper house. The Greens are not going to make much of an inroad although they should pick up Richmond.
  13. Listening to the Robodebt RC, hearing the senior public servants shitting themselves telling the politicians what they were doing was illegal and therefore not telling them, tells me a lot how the Coalition was running the public service. I suspect that this method was used throughout the public service and so the whole department will need to be re-staffed.
  14. I think that the depth players would (or at least should) take them seriously. They don't get much opportunity to play in the first team.
  15. Watched the Celtic vs SFC game last night. Apart from SFC parking the bus I was not that impressed with the Celtic squad. I realise that they had a number of first XI players missing but in any case their depth wasn't as great as I expected. Perhaps the SNL is only slightly ahead of the A-League.
  16. The actual meaning in the UK/USA is as per @Jovan definition - the journey is not derived from travel but from journal that is daily. It is only in Australia that the term has acquired a negative connotation when used with sports. This is probably because the AFL always placed loyalty to the club ahead of everything else, including player welfare. Hence for AFL players that would switch clubs they would be called journeyman. These days the AFL being more professional means that people are getting used to players moving clubs but then I don't know of any AFL player that has played at more than three clubs. The reason I brought it up is because some coaches/clubs are prepared to keep playing an average but known journeyman player rather than take a gamble/time in developing youth. Kudos to AU/CCM/City for developing talent which was @jw1739original point. Personally, it should not matter whether players keep changing clubs but it does. And if a player finds a club that suits them (and vice versa) and they are able to cement a spot on the starting line up, fantastic. If not they will most likely keep changing clubs.
  17. Well City is JMac's third A-League club and his overseas career also includes three clubs for a total of six. Nabbout also is on his third A-League club and has had two overseas clubs. So that for me indicates minor journeyman. Of course Nikor Tpor-Stanley and Reddy would be the gold stars for journeyman.
  18. City isn't too bad - apart from the visa players, most of the Australians are not journeyman. I think JMac and Nabbout would be the only ones. WU is a shocker as is Sydney.
  19. I suspect that we will see a lot more of that - young players leaving for better pastures. And yes we do need to have more football but other factors also come into play such as will the coach play them? Why do we have so many journeyman? Saw Sydney's Lolley yesterday (second time I have seen SFC) and I am baffled what he brings to the team. No better than local products.
  20. Sydney's squad looks very average across the pitch. I feel that one or two players will retire and a few more released by mutual consent. They could do no worse than raid some of the City players coming off contract at season's end.
  21. We hung in there but I do think we were missing both Good and Reis. I am not sure what to make of Berisha - he had a great opportunity and just shancked it. Glover is a new man and as was mentioned last season it all came down to the coaching. I do wonder whether Sutton has improved as there may be a possibility that he could play this season. Tough assignment but the team is mature.
  22. Well the forum has discussed that the left position is for Bos to lose and with that hospital pass I thought that it would come to pass. And then Jamo...
  23. There are a few players in this situation: Galloway, Stokes, Rafa. Last season we had Cola, Najar & Najarine. It is a novel feeling compared to the Heart days...
  24. At the moment he has only been promoted. I do hope that during the break the team play some 'friendlies' with Rafa, Stokes and Caputo getting some minutes.
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