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  1. I like that but basically, they should have a cap and up between two to four players outside the cap (depending on A-League finances). Then the clubs can do what they want - so if Perth want Sturridge because of name recognition then sure, if Sydney finds another Wankovic then fine. No need for approval from anyone else.
  2. Some quiet coaches have assistants that do all the yelling.
  3. I rather we develop Raphael a bit more.
  4. I would have said Melbourne Victory and Western Sydney Wanderers but officialdom cracked down on the fans a few years ago so things are quite tame these days. Although I noticed that Melbourne City's Gomulka is getting a reputation from opposition fans for being physical enough but not getting yellow carded. You would certainly know that you have been tackled by Gomulka.
  5. Is the A-League being suspended for the World Cup? Otherwise with Leckie, JMac and Tilio being in the side our forward line is looking rather thin. Add Nabbout as a call up... And of course we would prefer not to have any injuries.
  6. Harry van Der Saag and Lewise Miller are there twice. The latter is leaving CCM and Macarthur...
  7. Is there a reason why you have not included them on your list? and has anyone seen them play at any level?
  8. Interestingly Berenguer, O'Neill, Gomulka and Pucciarelli all finish their contracts at the end of next season. That is four out of five players leaving the fifth player who is a scholarship. He will be busy.
  9. I am not entirely convinced - he has ability but I wonder about some of his decision making. In one year's time if he gets enough game time, he may develop and the club may opt to make him a longer offer.
  10. True. But golden boots are dependent on other teams' performance as well. My disappointment comes from the fact that he should have had more game time all season. And I would also add that Tilio's performance dropped as the season went by. And Bos was doing well until he got MOTM and has hardly played since. And so, my concern that a pattern is starting to form - establish players are given more time than the youth development.
  11. So does JMac but he is forgiven.
  12. That was because of the tone the QCs used. Actually both Cotchin and Franklin got apologies and any future cases the QCs will need to take a less aggressive tone.
  13. The Pucciarelli situation is bewildering. He is not getting played and there is no indication why. When Leckie was out of form, PK had no issues in giving him game time. And on this I agree - this is totally unacceptable, at least the fact that there is no explanation why is unacceptable. Ditto Endoh. Both. Pucciarelli and Endoh in specifics but generally the role that visa players have within a team. For me the lack of explanation is unacceptable and that is a club issue. As for the FFA, who knows whether they are getting an explanation. Maybe the way forward is to have contracts that allow clubs an exit clause if the players don't fit. How it would be written I would leave it to the legal experts.
  14. My point was that no one can guarantee that a player will be successful - no matter which club (and corresponding resources) it is. The better coaches and recruiters have fewer misses. So I can be disappointed but the threshold for unacceptable is different. So if we have for two or three seasons 4 visa players on the bench, then the recruiter needs to be replaced. In the case of Pucciarelli and Endoh, they have not been given enough game time, so it is hard to quantify them. Couple with the doubts around PK, then the problem may not be the players. And I do agree that for a team to be successful all visa players must be on the park every game. Although I do dream of the day when there are no visa players on the park and the team is successful.
  15. To me whether a player fails or succeeds does not automatically mean that it is unacceptable - disappointing, yes but not necessarily unacceptable. No player is guaranteed to succeed in a new team, after all Zlatan Ibrahimovic failed at Barcelona when Pep Guardiola was coaching them. Personally, I feel that sometimes the club has not had a clear game plan that enables a better selection of players. Mifsud suffered because he was a lone striker that had to receive long balls (Aloisi still uses this basis but at least he has taller players) and as we have seen lately (much to my disgust) bombing balls at JMac or Nabbout does not get much return.
  16. No for me. Saw enough of him to decide that we cannot develop him any further and he is too much hit & miss. Prefer to have Raphael and Cola. Missed out on Melbourne City. One arrival - Talbot.
  17. I don't have a problem with using the academy but the only regular midfielder we have is Berenguer once Metcalfe is gone. Gomulka, Oneil and Tilio have been tried there. For me Oneil is more defensive and Gomulka stops players on their tracks but not so creative. I don't know enough about our NPL teams to know whether there is a budding player there or not. Also there is no guarantee that PK will actually give them game time to develop - ask Cola.
  18. Interestingly enough, it wasn't until Morrison became PM that legally the states had to ask for Federal assistance during emergencies. However, under previous PMs, the issue never arose, the federal and state governments just did. In any case, NSW during the latest floods had to ask in writing, three times, before anything happened. Hence Morrison and his government were incompetent. Way back in the early 70s Whitlam offered to take over the entire hospital network from the states but the then Liberal party and the states opposed the move. I don't think that the issue is a constitutional one - unless a state government challenges it in the High Court. It was a case of the federal government not even imagining what to do. Hence Gladys' comments on Morrison. I suspect that the reason Morrison is remaining in Parliament is because he won't be able to get a decent corporate job as no one would have him. Contrast that with Gladys who left politics under a cloud and joined Optus at board level.
  19. Had to look up Luongo. Apparently plays for Sheffield Wednesday in League 1, age 29 and contract expires in June. I am undecided on the profile of the player that should replace Metcalfe. Luongo does fit the bill but at 29?
  20. They may have been self-interested but not necessarily incompetent. Example, not sending the health minister or the PM to negotiate with Pfizer, not organising the roll out and then blaming companies (Woolies retorted that they call it planning). In my lifetime I have often disagreed with policies (and semi-corrupt behaviour) but incompetence was a new low.
  21. I can accept mistakes but I can't accept not learning. And he has shown no inclination that he is learning and when he does conferences he does not show any inkling that he is a deep thinker.
  22. Agreed and what has been mentioned in this forum numerous times is that throughout the season the bench isn't used often enough and there was no player management to enable the team to play in the domestic league and in the ACL
  23. I think that you do a disservice to some of their other players. They play to a system that gives them some flexibility to be creative and create attacking forays but more importantly they know how to defend.
  24. On more than one occasion he was in a good position but the other players did not pass him the ball - Jammo at least twice. When he had the ball in the second half he could be dangerous as he got pass their defenders. Lack of match fitness hampered him but if he had been better managed he might not have been injured.
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