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  1. Very physical second encounter with a referee that is unlikely to feature in the World Cup. It was good for the Tilio, Bos, Kuol to realise that other leagues are very physical and that they also have fast players. Their pace was nullified by players with equal speed.
  2. I would add that if he wants to simulate he should have a close look at his Ecuadorean counterpart. Also, being the physical game that it was it will give him good time to learn what can be expected in the non-EPL leagues.
  3. I oath the VAR so I am happy for it to be permanently scrapped from all competitions.
  4. Socceroos vs Ecuador was an entertaining game in the end. Although I must confess that I did not see much build up, passing play or holding play from the Socceroos. I was saying that Behich is done but all of a sudden he crosses the ball in for Kuol's goal. Still I would have liked to see Bos replace Behich for at least 5 minutes.
  5. I tend to agree with you. As I have said, unless Rafa was not available for other reasons, I would have had him on the bench and most likely playing a good 20 minutes. In previous games he should have had at least 10. The mid-field maybe a little harder but in defence I would have had Stokes as well. Actually, instead of Reis, I would have moved Talbot to play alongside Good and Calloway on the right. Reis on the bench and to come on as a sub. Stokes may play 10 minutes or so.
  6. To be fair, Leckie, VdV have sustained injuries and Nabbout, JMac, Berenguer, Good have all had injuries or are playing with injuries.
  7. The goal conceded was because Reis is too slow to get back. I like Reis calmness, leadership and skills but sadly he is getting slower. As I mentioned earlier there was no attacker on the bench. Rado has said that both JMac and Nabbout are carrying injuries so I expected to see Rafa on the bench - I definitely expect to see him there next week. Tilio had a poor game and Bos at times seems to be believing his own hype. And Rado? Well he has to be smarter in setting up the defensive lines.
  8. No Rafa on the bench? WSW managed to get their players on the field. Lots of defenders on the bench.
  9. And after last night's fame Sydney FC gave away Calum Nieuwenhof and Aidan Simmons. But at least they kept Joel King 😆
  10. Sir Alex Ferguson may beg to differ. PK could barely speak English let alone another language.
  11. Never a fan of PK myself (as this forum would show) but I believe that the reason for Melbourne City success was Erik Mombaerts (whom I believe is also at Troyes). Erik created the core of the squad and built a team spirit. Unfortunately Erik had to return to France and so his assistant PK took over. With Buckingham by his side and still being mentored by Erik, the club has found success. By the sound of things PK has lost the players and his limitations are being rudely exposed.
  12. And I am also pleased that Joel King was left out whose selection always baffled me given that Bos was streets ahead of him prior to the WC.
  13. I was thinking along the same lines re youth academy. I was wondering how CCM and AU with their smaller budgets were able to field competitive teams on a regular basis (they have had the odd drop off though) and I came to the conclusion that both teams have mature youth academies. Even City right now, we are bringing in youth although in years past when we would have lost players like Leckie & VDV plus injuries to JMac & Nabbout & Berenguer would have spelt the end of the season for the club. Clubs without decent youth academies like Sydney & MVC really need to have their recruitment spot on. And as City has found out it takes about 6 years to get the youth academy right. As for recruiting big name players, well the APL have a budget for this but I am thinking that the local product is now good enough that to attract big names, they will need to be just outside of the 4 big European leagues and most likely outside the A-League's budget.
  14. Don't dish your heritage - you would also have Celt, Anglo, Saxon, Jute, Pict, Scandinavian (could be Swedish, Norwegian, or Dane), Frank, Scot, and even perhaps Hun (via the Roman/Frank).
  15. Given that Australia will have friendlies against Ecuador and Arnold's desire to have the same team that he took to Qatar as a thank you (which is very odd in my opinion), he has some issues due to injuries. For me the issue is attacking: Leckie, Goodwin are going to be 36 come the next world cup, Duke will be about 40, Nabbout & Jmac will be 35/34, so there is a big gap. Jason Cummings will be 32 so he could possibly be in contention. For me, I would call up Irakunda to be the striker and start giving him game time with Tilio & Kuol up front. The three of them to play 10 minutes together against Ecuador for each game.
  16. Well the aussies got eliminated so I expect him to be back soon. Also, the penalty taker should be rotated.
  17. So he is not good enough for the Olyroos under 23. Hmm....
  18. Just saw the highlights of Australia vs Vietnam and then against Qatar. Defensively weak but at least Rafa is having a good tournament.
  19. But there is incentive/disincentive - the A-League and the community clubs are up against the AFL and NRL. most other countries don't have that. Only the USA has a similar competitive environment. This is why the A-League plays in summer. What I haven't seen are the VFL and district leagues $ figures. So it would be useful to see how the Ferntree Gullys do up against the local AFL team.
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