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  1. Has the automatic rollover already occurred? Am I too late to stop it?
  2. Any mass dumpings of City gear been sighted at the Nike DFOs yet?
  3. PER SYD MCY MVC NEW ADEL BRI CCM WEL WSW Winner - Perth Boot Winner - Le Fondre Coach to be sacked - None Bold Prediction - Honda to flop/ McGree to dominate in the #10 all year and earn a contract to Man City only to be redistributed out on loan into the european wilderness probably back to Belgium where the circle of life will continue. Sum up City's season - Start like a house on fire, injury curse to strike again for the middle - end of season. Win a few games before finals to get the fans excited then another quick finals exit
  4. Fix sports A league fantasy league - "Melbourne Heart Wheelie Bins" 10 spots. CODE - JDVTNFAH
  5. Any cheap City gear kicking around the nike outlets these days?
  6. Have you finally succumbed to the ongoing roadworks on the Western Freeway?
  7. carlings

    TV Series

    The locally made Sunshine series on SBS on demand is well worth a watch.
  8. I'm searching for 1 x active barcode if there is anyone not attending. Send me a PM, thanks in advance!
  9. carlings


    Worth the roadtrip to watch the GOAT smith, slater and cronk. They were never going to lose, easy win. Hope one day Melb City experiences the dominance that the Storm have enjoyed over the last decade.
  10. Overall a decent pack but no bumper sticker or recognition of how many years (of torture) a member.
  11. carlings

    TV Series

    The Leftovers final season was brilliant. Shot in Melbourne and down the Bellarine too. Most underrated show of the last year.
  12. carlings

    TV Series

    Wentworth would have to be the best Aussie TV show atm.
  13. At Least some lucky bloke won some cash at half time. A shit night for the remaining 9943 that fronted up last night. Heard a rumour from a club source that Bruno and Tim aren't even on speaking terms and has been like that for some time.
  14. Anyone got a spare super coach league? Or is there a forum one started?
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