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  1. As long as we go out there and show everyone what we're capable of we'll be just fine.
  2. It's more of a question about their coach doesn't think you deserved the last 4 points you earned against them, so let's go out and show how wrong he is.
  3. He questioned Rado's pick of Adelaide after CCM had a combined 12-1 against them this year (fair enough but to Rado's defence I think he wanted a showdown with Adelaide as they have been quite good against us recently) but he then went on to claim we only beat them in 45 degree heat with 4 drinks breaks after an error from them, and then said they deserved to win the recent 1-1 draw they were the better team. He was about to really mouth off you could sense it and as a coach he is known to play the man a fair bit so I think it's up to Rado to show the clip to the boys and see how they feel about it. On a side note I thought we beat them 3-2 recently too but it turns out that was in Feb '22, so overall the 2 teams are fairly evenly matched this season, but all said I'd want to show that clip of Montgomery's challenge to the validity of recent results to really spur our players on.
  4. Okay so we got the Mariners and their coach has started the sledging against our coach. I hope Rado plays the clip to the players, they'll want to say something about it on the pitch.
  5. I'm pretty sure if we got the Sat night fixture it would have been 13-15K
  6. On the whole everyone did their job, we were composed, professional, willing to control the ball, move it around and deny the opposition, overall we did exactly what was needed, we killed off any chance Sydney could get back into it. Our confidence in close was noticeable, we're the best at it in the competition, so only having to play against 9 outfielders played completely into our hands. On a night where only one mistake could decide the contest we took full advantage.
  7. Very good turn out, despite no active support the crowd was into the game which made it fun. Very professional performance from Rado and the boys, 11 vs 10 for 70 minutes handled with aplomb apart from a bad moment here and there. Very proud of the club, we have made history, the first to make it to 4 consecutive GFs.
  8. This felt like a 6 point game, seriously, the 3 we got and 3 they didn't, I rate Sydney, they have the ability to go on a run but in that first half hour we exposed them with some excellent, sharp work. The crowd was low but everyone was into the game and we have a nice family vibe to our club. I do agree it's difficult to get to the game, for me it's a 3 hour round car trip plus there's at 20 minute walk into the stadium
  9. Don't know if anyone went to this but my first match in a while, terrific hard fought win, gritty, a real contest today, Sydney worthy opponent, a real game of football. Never seen Rado so emotional he looked drained by game's end. A real good day for the club, the boys did well. Don't undersell today.
  10. Good teams win those games and we got the job done despite being down to 10 men all night ( I hardly sighted J Mac) + a typical egregious Glover error and one luckily not given against him as well. Mixed bag of a game but we move on. Overall well done lads!
  11. The boy Leckie again! awesome assist
  12. Bos has 51 touches 90% efficiency 1 goal another nice run he's come of age
  13. It will be interesting too see what Rado does, the game is there for the taking.
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