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  1. Only one set of votes collected. Arslan with the three, Good two Souprayen 1. This sees Hamza Sakhi drop out of third place and replaced by Good surprisingly because I thought he's had a pretty so so season
  2. Somebody who may be considered is Super Dario. What do we think about how he's gone with the Girls. Considering he's got them to win the plate and after a season with some upheaval with losing players to os, to national teams, and long term injuries, he's done quite a good job. Haven't really seen how he goes about it. However his pressers seem ok
  3. V MV 3 Arslan 2 Good 1 Souprayen Last Tuesdays game only one voter so Caputo got the three Arslan two and Antonis one
  4. Got a chance to look at the game. Frustrating because we were clearly on top and was robbed by the ref. That offside was seriously harsh. Jakolis actually works hard and gets in good positions but just has serious yips at present. That last goal could have been cut off by the DM I think it was Jeggo who sat back instead of tackling.
  5. 3 Caputo 2 Arslan 1 Antonis Actually thought Jakolis had a decent enough game just can't score to help himself.
  6. After v Newcastle. Three to Souprayen with 8 votes Two to Reis with 6 votes and one to Arslan with 4 votes. I didn't get to watch the CCM game yet so will watch tonight and give some votes. Meanwhile Souprayen has now hone into secobd place replacing Sakhi.
  7. Heading off to this one with my son as for a change he hasn't got a shift. Win this and it will tell us where we are at, hopefully 5th if Sydney lose against Mariners and Mac beat WSW both good chances of happening. After a couple of weeks, will Vidmar play Caputo from the start or revert to Jmac? Will Reis an Soup partner as CBs or will he bring back Good? Are any of our injuries back yet? Some interesting questions here
  8. Patrick Beach was in goals for the Olyroos overnight in their 2-1 win. Wonder if we'll ever see him play a game for us or will he be like Gauci and move on after a year
  9. City plays mainly u18s in the NPL competition although Caputo, Schneider, and even Lopane have had a run through there. MV are playing with older guys including a few ex-City players, Ahmed Taleb and Jordan Bos brother plays for them
  10. Maybe they think Lopane doesn't have enough mongrel for a DM role late in the game, Antonis throws himself into tackles and shows a lot of desperation when he's on
  11. Three to Arslan with 22 votes two to Caputo with 18 and one to Antonis with 5. Tolgay has 27 for the year, 16 in front of Sakhi on 11.
  12. There's a scout who writes in The Roar who says Nisbet is struggling to get overseas interest due to his lack of height. Suggest City probably splashed the cash and he's taken that
  13. Jakolis did provide the through ball for Caputo to centre it for Natel's goal. Take and turn was sublime. He also was somewhat the provider of the assist for Caputos's goal although Caputo had a bit of work to get to it. Caputo has done really well with his last two games. You'd think he'd have to start again next game
  14. Against WSW Natel got a goal admittedly a tap in but you still need to be there and a really well worked assist to Jmac. Lovely dummy sending the defender the wrong way and nice pass to Macca. Nabbout had that cross to Jmac for a header but offside by a mile. They're two different beasts: Nabbout more direct and relies on speed. Natel more on technical trickery. Both are heavily built and can throw their weight around. We haven't seen a great year from Nabbout because of his injury. Natel however is growing on me, I think his attitude has changed as seems much more competitive than when he first got here
  15. Looked like a 5 year old having a sulk on the bench last night. Maybe he thinks since RBB is boycotting games he can boycott press conferences. Thank God we never appointed him as a coach
  16. Looks like us on the forum might know a thing or two. Behich has 9 so he's up there too. Fotmob seems to suggest that Natel has been pretty good as has Antonis but they both haven't had much love on votes. Antonis probably because almost always off the bench and maybe same with Natel not playing a full 90
  17. 3 Souprayen 2 Arslan 1 Caputo Mac v MC Arslan three points with 10 votes Good two with 6 votes and Nabbout obe with 5. MC v Nix Souprayen with 19 votes gets the three. Arslan two with 16 and Caputo gets the one with 6 Arslan on top with 24 votes, Sakhi second on 11, then equal third on 10 is Jakolis, Young, Good, Souprayen
  18. Let's get back to the actual City way of lining up. One DM, an inverted FB playing midfield when not attacking, and two CMs one on left and one right. Fwd to press CBs only. We've gone too far away from heat we used to do.
  19. Sydney v City. Three to Young with 18 votes, two to Tilio with 15 votes and 1 to Fernandez with 9 votes. No one else got a vote. This sees Jamie Young move to equal third with Marin Jakolis on 10 points for the season. Arslan still way out in front on 19 whilst Sakhi who no longer plays for us is still second on 11 and Behich likewise at fourth on 9.
  20. Fotmob has some interesting stat's for this season for City players. Jmac is third on expected goals at 11.2 and exp goals on target he leads at 13.7. However he also leads by a long shot on Chances missed at 16. Interestingly, Caputo leads the league on xG per 90 mins and expected assists per 90 mins and secobd on shots on target per 90. Jakolis is actually 3rd on expected Assists. Caputo is third on successful tackles per 90 as well. Reis is equal second on penalties conceded. Young is third with clean sheets. Good is second on accurate passes at 69% and Souprayen fifth at 66%. Simple conclusion is that it's Maclaren's poor season that has condemned us this year, that and the refusal to sub him with Caputo or try something different say like Leckie up front
  21. Yeah he was too quick and clever for Lolley who then tried to outmuscle him. But despite being fairly diminutive he held his own. Looks to be a find
  22. Derby saw Leckie receive 3 points with 18 votes, Good two with 7 votes and Souprayen one with 5 votes. V Syd. 3 Young 2 Tilio 1 Fernandez
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