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  1. Yeah it was a bit hard to tell. But one was Ole Ole which sounds good in anyone's language and another seemed to be just repeating Kofu which was surprisingly pretty catchy. I mean how hard can it be if we just repeated Citeh for ten minutes or so. Poor bloke in front of me tried to get that going but no one supported him
  2. One other point I do want to make. I was in Section 2 right next to the Kofu active. That is the template for Active right there. Did not stop singing or banging their drums for the whole game. Really enjoyed what they bought to the game. By comparison our Active was about as interested in the game as our team.
  3. Firstly let me thank the Metro girl at Richmond station for pointing out to me that we could catch the bus replacement to Burnley station only for the bus driver not to actually drive to Burnley station. Thank god for Uber. Glen Waverley line might be all that but doesn't get me to Lilydale That was pretty dire game but I'm going to be generous and put it down to preseason, team not yet gelled etc. Saying that I'll make the following comments. Young kept us in the game, he must be getting pissed by having to do that so often now but to his credit didn't seem to go off too much. Good was the pick of the defenders and even he ran into trouble a few times. Reis is past it, too slow not sure of his passing, Hall should have started or at very least been subbed on. Behich was abysmal, seemed to me played like an angry old man, wouldn't have been surprised if he had looked to the heavens and shook his fist at the clouds. Talbot at least seemed to do some attacking now and again but touch was poor. Sakhi was so-so, Arslan same but also seemed to have a touch of the Behichs. Ugarkovic had a poor first half, better second but did nothing productive. Lopane actually play a wing? Antonis did more in a minute than Lopane for his 70 off minutes. I may be wrong but this kid isn't up to it. Jakolis was ok but his touch at times let him down. Maclaren looks like he's had a pretty good off season out in a paddock. Total two subs, Souprayen on in injury time. Rado Kisnorbo should have bought on Hall for Reis Caputo for Maclaren, and Galloway for Behich for mine to inject some run at least.
  4. Not a great game by us but I put it down to the pitch being artificial. It takes time to get used to how the ball reacts and feels different when running on it. Whilst the pen was incorrect decision as just a tangle of legs, they'd run out of puff by then and we would've put another past them soon enough. Few observations, Caputo seemed to do a lot of work so if he'd actually scored from one of those chances it would have been a good game from him. Lopane doesn't seem up to it yet, Antonis actually seemed to be more on once he came on. Sakhi and Arslan work well together, Ugarkovic was ok but looked slow on the uptake compared to O'Neill. Thought Hall did a reasonable job, and actually looked better at CB compared to Souprayen who looks pretty much like another Reis in that he's a walking mistake about to happen. Behich was good in spurts but I tend to blame him for the first goal, should have come out not backed away to the goalline. For me it was between Good and Young as bog. I think we'll see more of Shillington this year too, he'll be the next Atko, Bos I reckon Forgot about Jakolis thought he was decent bit unlucky could have snagged a goal but was lively
  5. Yeah didn't think it was the right move for Tilio the SPFL, thought he'd be better of in one of the continental leagues like Bos, O'Neill, Genreau went to. I might be wrong but SPFL seems to be a very physical league and I'm not sure Tilio's the same sort of player that say Atkinson, Devlin, Rowles, Baccus, and Strain are who are all pretty physical. It's giving me a bit of Arzani vibes, hope for his sake I'm wrong
  6. Wouldn't get excited by the Kiwi GK, he's 24yo on loan from another Japanese club and has only played 1 game for them and then they reverted back to their Japanese keeper. The Brazilian forward is 32 so he's a bit older but he did score last game as an AM. The defender is 26 so a good age, about 6 foot so not super tall though, as is his Japanese partner.
  7. Currently running 7th in J2. Looks a youngish side from the last lineup which they won 3-2, although both striker and AM are over 30. Only two non Japanese players played. At a guess probably a quick side. They're in the back end of their season so I reckon we might struggle with this game, a draw might be a reasonable result
  8. 4 games only last year with Casa Pia in Portugal. Had a decent run with APOEL Nicosia in Cyprus. Could be anything, good age though. Will be only the fourth Brazilian we've had since Terra, Fred, and that gun Maycon
  9. Pretty imperative now that we find another winger with our last Visa, basically only got Nabbout who will struggle to play a full 90, Jakolis, and Suleiman who may/may not be ok after doing his ACL, maybe Caputo although he's more a CF, possibly Lopane but he's more a MF. CB is pretty much covered with Good, Reis, Souprayen, and Hall. RB cover I reckon will see Shillington given a contract from NPL team, only 17 but he's got good wraps on him, can see him becoming another Atkinson, Bos in the next few years.
  10. Not as silly as it sounds. I think if you're going to use another Visa it should be a winger as Leckie is the most likely to be away on national team duties, and possibly injured due to workload. Whilst we have Nabbout and Jakolis, we really don't have any fall back apart from Suleiman if he comes back ok from his ACL. Nabbout himself is also injury prone. Caputo is more a CF rather than a winger. I think another Visa spent on a Defender is waste of resources.
  11. I think it's cause is that we've had so many players leave and if Good goes to India as well there's another hole in the fabric of the team. Those players you mentioned though remind me of some we've had previously both long and short term. Young reminds me of Galekovic, filled a hole for a year and now we wouldn't claim him as a City player. Ugarkovic is more a journeyman, I think in time we might feel the same for him as say a Jamo or a Griff, players who both had history with a number of other clubs. Antonis I feel might be the sort of project player who flourishes and we turn around his career. A bit like Nabbout actually. The other pick ups Lopane and Schreiber look ok, looking forward to the new visas as well most looking alright and I'm hoping we see more time for the younger guys, Caputo etc. I'm actually the opposite I'm feeling a little renewed this year, like it's a new leaf, new team and looking forward to see what unfolds during the season
  12. We also haven't seen what Souprayen can bring to the defensive third, possible that he would be the fix to the corners problem.
  13. Yeah FBK is an agent now. Just got off the phone from Ryan to renew our membership. Pretty much confirmed Sakhi as said one visa coming from France apparently PK recommended him. Also said they're after another Visa and two more non-Visas to round out the team
  14. Here's something. Colazo and Brandon will both be playing for Gimnasia this year
  15. Jordon Hall has been resigned for another year. He supplies us with that CB coverage. Actually like this guy, hasn't really put a foot wrong on the limited times he has played
  16. Transfer news today according to FB. Imagine either Jaklois or Good
  17. Kenny Lowe is going to be interim manager for Glory with their game against West Ham and first rounds of Australia Cup as they're still searching for a manager. Like Kenny personally feel he's good value
  18. Diamanti is starting in September. NPL2 finishes up in August so that allays your concern Desperately needs to be given significant minutes this year. He's an ideal size for a CF as opposed to Maclaren. And we need to look to the future with this kid. Funnily enough I put that on FB and Max's mum gave me a heart
  19. You'd think he needs to grab this lifeline with both hands and really work for it Rado was a former coach of him so maybe they have a good enough relationship to get him to play to his best
  20. Delbo 2.0. He was a tall defender too
  21. Give you odds of 50:1 that City is one of the blockers to Transfer Fees. I'm all for them, compensation should be available to teams that players leave whilst on contract.
  22. Transfermarkt has a number of free agent Aussies; Karacic, Rogic, Wright Id consider but they'd be asking for decent coin. Couple of others you'd think would be decent squaddies midfielder O'Doherty, and wingers Murray, Al Hassan Tuore. Quite like Jordan Murray when he was at the Jets. Played last few years in India and Thailand. Scored 4 goals last season
  23. One thing Young does much better than Glover is come out at corners and negate them. That I feel was a major course of goals against us. Saying that I haven't looked at the stats but it just seems that was a source of goals against us.
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