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  1. Yeah I've worked myself with managers who don't accept feedback or do but just ignore it. I've left jobs because of it, so not surprising about the high turnover of assistants. Previous GK coach Neil Young implied this in his comments after he left.
  2. He's rated 72 on FIFA 2022 compared to Lam at 67 and VDV at 65, makes him the second highest behind Maclaren in the squad. Highlights seem to suggest he's actually pretty much a box to box midfielder so replacement for Metcalf rather than an AM. Might actually be decent at our level. Technically good and a good long pass on him. I'm sort of warming up to him.
  3. Wade Dekker scored for Oakleigh Cannons to see if Sydney FC out of the cup
  4. Played for Reins in Ligue 1, Lazio in Serie A, and Dusseldorf in Bundesliga, and as a Kosovan international but only sporadically at all of them. Best season was in 2017/18 with RB Salzburg where he was playing as an AM and scoring for fun. This guy could be like his namesake or could be Pucci 2.0 but I'm tipping will be a Berenguer type who will take a season before he gets good, and then his loan will be up
  5. Had a young lady from the club ring me yesterday so ended up renewing our membership again. Nice that they're being proactive. Please PK don't make regret it.
  6. Yeah and what's particularly gruelling is that that Cup game was pretty much a repeat of what happened in the Grand Final, if you can't learn from that than god help us with another season of no plan B. That's why I'm an advocate of getting a tall CF who can hold up the ball and also be targetted with long balls if required as something of a difference
  7. You know what really annoys me with Paddy is his incessant snuffling and sniffing through his nose at press conferences. Combined with him talking bollocks in them it becomes particularly difficult to take him as a serious student of the game
  8. Looks like a ready made replacement for Griff as plays CB and DM. Reasonably tall and also looks like a bit of a scrapper, 2 reds and a yellow suspension in his last year in the Eredivisie in 2021 for PEC Zwolle.
  9. St Pauli is playing a 4-3-1-2 system so basically with 4 midfielders so that will help Metcalf get a game. Trouble is he has three strong players in front of him in the pecking order including Irvine who has two goals already in 4 games and a young midfielder who has already got 3 goals. Btw Irvine played with the captain's armband last week after the captain who plays LB didn't play so sort of confirms St Pauli has a soft spot for Australians. I'm sure Metcalf will get more game time as the season progresses especially if they have an injury in midfield
  10. Just signed a Japanese player, Asahi. Not sure what position he plays but heard he likes it super dry so I suppose will like it in our summer. One for the ACL?
  11. Just as well that we have someone to cover CB with Griffths gone! I thought he was decent and played for the shirt too not like some numpty visas who come for a holiday. If we're bringing someone in then he better turn out better than Jenko.
  12. Yeah weird, RDV seems to have always played with 10 so can't imagine why wants 8. Not sure who 10 is. 8 was Griff until last year when O'Neil took it and Griff went to 5. Maybe O'Neill doesn't want 8 now since he got injured in it and thinks 23 might be luckier
  13. Jovanovic got released by MacArthur, he's a beast. If you want a Visa I would look at Michael Hector, 193cm good Championship CV used to play at Hull which I follow. Just got released by Fulham
  14. Yeah my thoughts are that the two major competitors next season for the premier's plate and the championship are again WU and MV. Both have monster visa CBs in Lacroix and Miranda and Glory's Lachman who owned Maclaren last year. I feel it's not prudent to think a change in midfield is going to see an exciting Avenue to goal open up. Besides how many times were we also opened up via a goal from a corner, Lacroix especially
  15. Looks like Macarthur didn't get their man. For us I'd be looking at three areas to strengthen, another midfielder, a centre back, and a tall forward. Quite a few decent urugayans as free agents in this bracket, there's Vecino 30 year old who's had a good career in Italy and Ramirez 31 who has played all over Europe although he's a bit of a luxury player. Also two Danish tall forwards I like the look of in Jorgensen and Makienok, 1.91cm and a giant 2.03cm. Both in Bundesliga, Jorgensen with Leverkusen and Feyenoord, Makienok recently with St Pauli with Jackson Irvine. I think on occassions we need something different to pint sized Maclaren. Especially at corners and crosses. We've always had decent visas from both these places so why not?
  16. CB is a question mark. Reis and Good are fine but with Griffo and Jenko gone. It leaves Hall and Stokes. Hall I think is competent, Stokes I think is a walking red card every time I see him play. Surely we need to find another
  17. Also forgot about O'Halloran in 2016 which was a Miss. There's an article in the Roar posing a question from where are the best Visas from, with one guy saying South America and another arguing Eastern Europe. I've gone through our Heart/City players and I reckon South America runs at around 66 percent of a sample of 9, Europe at 60 per cent of a sample of 32, Asia at 33 per cent of a sample of 3, and Africa of a sample of one was debatable. Best country Netherlands despite Meeuwis and Denmark and France in Europe. Uruguay in South America, Cabrera being debatable. Worst is Ireland apart from Duff and Scotland apart from McCormack, and Italy, La Rocca was ok, and Argentina in South America
  18. Kearyn Baccus has left Kaizer Chiefs and signed on with MacArthur. Bit of a nothing player
  19. Pretty ordinary recent season. Out of 19 games 1 assist only. Of those 19 only played one full 90 and some 11 less than half a game. Only 169 cm so very short. Unless they think he's another Luna I'm pretty unexcited.
  20. As one of the few supporters who actually have his name and number on my jersey, I'm sad he's left but happy he's staying with the Group. Wonder if the plan is to work as an assistant coach with Des Buckingham. I can see him as a particularly good man-manager in years to come
  21. I find the Premier league to be far inferior to the A-League product. It's basically a farmer's league
  22. Talk is that Postecoglou wants him at Celtic. I imagine that's where he will go, isn't his wife still in England?
  23. New GK coach Mike Van Houten, has a pretty impressive pedigree. Hopefully can work some magic into Glover and Sutton
  24. Joel Griffiths is playing coach and his brother Ryan playing assistant coach. The rest of their roster is unknown to me
  25. Pity about Jenko, I enjoyed his time here. But completely understand too large a pay packet for the position he took and the fact that not really plays the position as we need, not that his way of playing is bad. I'd count his time with us as a successful Visa. Endoh didn't get a look in and Lesiotis probably just hasn't got it after Victory gave him a decent go.
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