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  1. WU up 1-0 after 10.  Adelaide back level after 14 at 1-1.

    should WU get up, if we don't win tomorrow then that's a 3rd place finish.  given where we stood before the Glory game, a 3rd place finish would be bitterly disappointing.

    dont know if i have ever cheered so hard for Adelaide

    Toper Stanley injured too - looks like a hammy.

  2. 7 hours ago, Jovan said:

    CBF checking but our home record has been very good.  The loss to the tards was away for the record. 

    So I think because of that, and because I'll be going the only possible result will be a win.

    we've picked up 22 points from 12 games (6 wins fwiw)

    they have 13 points from 12 away games (4 wins).

    take that how you like

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  3. 13 hours ago, haz said:

    Take the loss and move on. The Plate is not out of reach yet, WU will run out of legs, and Victory will come close but they will have to go on a decent winning streak with big scores. 

    It's a derby, Heart would be on a losing streak beat Victory and then go back to losing. 

    i think you are completely right TBH regarding the derby.  the team lower on the table has always risen for the game as a way of proving itself.  as poor as we were (particularly in the first half), you could say the same as them (again, particularly in the first half).  we won two games by 13-0 and should have won the third last season.  they have had something to prove.

    13 hours ago, fensaddler said:

    Am I the only one who has just watched that replay again and thought that Glover got there first and was then clattered? Blame for the first goal for me is with the short backpass from Jamieson.


    9 hours ago, n i k o said:

    It's hard to be constructive or find any positives after that shit performance but I'll try at least not be too negative. 

    That was hand's down our worst performance all season. 

    Both first goals were goal keeping errors. I don't know why Glover hesitated when Jamo passed the ball back to him (i actually thought Jamo would just clear it out for a victory throw so he's certainly a part to blame). 



    second goal was absolutely Glover's fault; should have caught and left himself at the mercy of the Gods by coming so far off his line only to punch.

    blaming him for the first is way too harsh.  Jamo gave him a hospital pass - he was fucked either way given the quality of their forward line.  Come off your line and risk a pen, stay on your line you give them control with yourself stranded / teammates flat footed thanks to Jamos fuck up.


    11 hours ago, Imtellingyou said:

    Playing against Geria and Davidson on the flanks is very different proposition to O'Toole and other bloke from Sydney. The league is so uneven in the term of quality. 

    PK huge mistake is that after being outplayed twice,  he still lined up without proper DM in position. 

    in other words, we play them twice without winning and PK fails to learn anything / deviate from plan.  surprise fucking surprise.

    it's great when the plan is working.  the problem in football (as in life) is that you can't still long term / afford to develop a comfort zone.  other teams change their style and you have to know when and where to adjust


  4. 1 hour ago, jw1739 said:

    That's the best perspective. The worst is that if WU and Victory win all their remaining games (not sure if they have to play each other?) and we fail in our last two then we finish third and empty handed.


    13 minutes ago, haz said:

    Can't see that WU and Victory play each other again. Unfortunately looks like both teams' remaining games are mostly against teams in the bottom six. 

    sadly the two teams from Geelong don't play each other again during the regular season. 

    we are certainly vulnerable im the race to the plate, but then again so is everyone else.  WU have been very poor recently, and I can't see them winning all of their last 5.  the other mob have three possible banana skins in the smurfs, Macarthur and the Nix (and the Nix is the only home game there).

    the other thing that plays into our hands IMO is the form line of many aleague teams has been very up and down.  we give the smurfs a canning only to lose last night (and to be frank, our first 45 was by far worst 45 all season).  the smurfs beat the Mariners 5-0 last night after the midweek game against us.  you could go on and on about the last two months alone.  the fact we only have two regular season games left could be a blessing.

  5. can certainly see what you are saying, and frankly the team who goes first passed the post in the league should be champs

    i think you are right that maybe the FFA Cup / Australia Cup could always be discussed as the natural end to the season.  you could have the final finish off the season, with the semis and quarters nicely wedged in there so people align the "finals" like feel of the Cup with the league.  of course as per my point about the Aussie market (paragraph below), would that take the Aussie media away from the aleague (more than the Aussie media already shits on the aleague)

    the big question for is what market(s) are we trying to sell our game / product to? us die hard football fans might hate what the finals series represents, but if that's how we get the broader Aussie audience then we have to give the finals some credence. 

    the champions league, the world cup, etc., all end their comps as knockouts.  add to the champions league that most National FA's have a Cup that bookends the end of a domestic (and by consequence Continental) season.  having a season ending final (or final series) is not that far removed IMO from the rest of the world.

    crucify if you must too, in a non covid impact world / season / environment the finals series is a money spinner.  and don't get me wrong i hate that we get slugged bullshit prices during finals despite the fact we buy memberships that help week in week out regardless if our club plays like shite or wins the league. 

    perhaps i'm just trying to see both the pros and cons of ditching finals



    for the record, i'm a massive fan of the aleague growing to either 14 team comp (that naturally fits a 26 league season) or to 16 teams (with 30 games) followed up with a second division with 10-12 teams.  would easily enable a stronger national reserves / under 20s comp as it could run longer and be separated nicely from a logistics / costs point of view (north south, etc).  

    at that point a cup system could out way the need for finals (particularly as we would have relegation / promotion playoffs too).  not sure how easily funded that would be in the current economic conditions given covid.

  6. 2 hours ago, jw1739 said:

    I thought that we were observing the international breaks this season? Or is it next season? Or was it supposed to be this season but the fixture has been affected by COVID? 

    I'm thoroughly confused now.

    option 3 was my understanding but could be wrong.  also doesnt help having two finals bound teams in the ACL group stage.


    2 hours ago, Mr MO said:

    Irrespective there needs to be a cap in place how many players a team needs to release to the Socceroos, that is if the club competition isn’t suspended during the international window.


    1 minute ago, MHFC-FAN said:

    Agree. Should be capped at 2-3 maximum. Or 1 from each position. Forward - midfield - defence/goalkeeper 

    completely understand and agree but no easy fix - people will be unhappy one way or the other (if only we had player x playing but for the number max, etc).  FFA have to make a decision one way or another.  

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