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  1. 12 hours ago, kingofhearts said:

    Happy with a win, but definitely need to make sure we finish games better as that second half was poor.

    A special shout out to Tom glover,  as I've been hypercritical of him in the past, but so far this season, he has been nothing but impeccable between the sticks. Well done lad, keep it up


    12 hours ago, TJV said:

    I've had a fair few cracks at Glover in the past, but you're right he was very solid tonight, and made some great passes under pressure. That Brilliante save was excellent. 


    17 minutes ago, DukeVader said:

    I'll take any win in a derby even if everyone is saying it was ugly, well deserved. Tom glover big improver, even if the early Brillante shot was right on him. Wonder how much the new GK coach we got this season has made an impact on him. Looks like a different man

    completely agree about Glover's performance tonight (and this season), and think the new keeping coach could end up our signing of the season.

    IMO the performance of both keepers last night was fantastic.  it really shits me when people lead with this "we should have won by 2-3 more" when the opposition keeper actually did their job / pulled out some good saves (worthy of goals at the other end).  keepers cop so much shite when they have a bad game / let in a howler that they deserve the praise when playing well / are making good saves. 

    so massive credits to Glover (and to that extent Izzo).

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  2. thought Glover was great last night.  given all the criticism (which has been certainly due in a number of cases), he deserves the recognition for when he plays well.  fingers crossed this is the start of something really really positive .

    backline too was great, given two new additions, a youth product who has played at fb only on occasion / is still developing and our skipper as a CB / out of position.

    Valon Berisha looks to finally be that number 10 we have craved for; ability to turn a game on a dime with his passing and (IMO more importantly given our system) the ability to arrive in the box late / in a scoring position.  for all the VAR talk about our first goal (the own goal) it shouldn't have mattered since Berisha should have buried his shot instead of sending it over the bar.  willing to put that down to a bit of rustiness and him adjusting to conditions in Oz.

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  3. 15 hours ago, jw1739 said:

    Wrt to the match against WU... I've received our two Digital Memberships but they're both on the same smartphone. I've emailed the club, but haven't heard back yet - what's the procedure at the turnstiles in this case? One of us goes through first and then passes the phone back to the other?


    13 hours ago, MHFC-FAN said:

    You ever heard of text messages? You could send it to whoever else needs to use it to scan in... 

    Or screenshot the other person's digital membership and text that

  4. Cardiff and Swansea play in the English football league structure and the FA Cup as opposed to something Welsh, Israel and their respective football clubs play in the UEFA competitions (despite sharing land borders with the likes of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and not another "UEFA" country).  What are people upset and/or confused about again?

    My take on the game being played at Casey is that the club is a tough spot.  We are never going to sell out AAMI Park for this particular game on a weekend (never mind a cold shitty Wednesday).  That said, how do you please all your members.  And despite living 10 minutes from Casey fields, I personally would much rather go somewhere more central in Melbourne to catch up with a few mates pregame.


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  5. 15 minutes ago, Zanty said:

    I reckon we will not be signing a new goalkeeper tbh, we have brought in a new GK coach and because of that I reckon they are keeping with glover



    12 minutes ago, Jovan said:

    Kind off agree. 

    I was convinced they were going to replace or even bring in but now with this new bloke they look like sticking with Glover. 

    For me this would be a mistake.


    1 minute ago, Zanty said:

    I believe Glover has potential, he has proved it, tbh no one knows how this will go, could be a PK masterclass bringing in a highly experienced GK coach or it could end up costing us, we will soon see 

    i give the club credit for backing Glover, he has shown he has the raw talent.  my concern is that he has been very up and then very down. 

    it's going to take a lot of work with him to (a) return to the form of past seasons and (b) stay there.  with a number of fans on his back thats a lot of pressure for the kid

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  6. 15 hours ago, jw1739 said:

    Agreed. At the rate we're going all we're doing is producing GKs for other clubs.


    3 hours ago, Mr MO said:

    What is concerning is that we seem to be left with one of the weaker GK lineups in the league.

    the whole situation seems bizarre to me.  particularly with some of the other yopung keepers moving on in recent seasons. 

    then again we've also seen Redmayne go onto the Socceroos and Bouzanis just sign for Reading in the English Championship.  maybe our club needs to show balls and back a 26ish yo keeper in with decent coaching support.

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  7. 7 minutes ago, MHFC-FAN said:

    How could he not be a starter at Perth? I don't see him learning much from Zadkovich... 

    i won't be holding my breath on whatever club until it's confirmed - rumours are like farts in the wind.  agree about Zadkovich, which should have everybody worried if Cola does go there ....

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