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  1. 1 hour ago, neio said:

    Is this going to be a back 3, or are we shifting someone out to RB. Seems bloody odd when we have 2 RB on the bench of its the normal back 4 formation



    1 hour ago, Mr MO said:

    Surely 3 at the back.

    The girl just got absolutely opened up with 3 at the back today.

    IMO Nuno has been awesome at RB. Not quite as attacking as Talbot, but has virtually won everything, kept Arzani quiet and has been somewhat of an outlet 

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  2. 18 minutes ago, jw1739 said:

    It just says "April 2023" - no specific date.

    One tweeter suggests that they have been hit with a "limp lettuce leaf." 

    Banning 17 people (which FA admits is difficult to enforce) doesn't hurt the club one little bit. 

    550k in fines does hurt - particularly as they are apparently 6.7 mil in the red, plus (unless i have misread something else) no active bays and restrictions on ticket sales for the rest of the season.

    tbh, i do think they could and should have gone harder.  as per my previous posts regarding what i perceive as an overreaction towards our general active bay members, i can see a situation here where the APL is trying not to punish the general Victory member and fan (just to be clear, not stating that i agree with the APL approach as they should have gone harder)


    6 minutes ago, KSK_47 said:

    Piss weak. Can't believe they don't get docked points 


    3 minutes ago, citypool said:

    Why is everyone saying docking points? They are already at the bottom and we don’t even have relegation lol 

    when i first heard and read about, i was the same about the lack of loss of points (and still am).  i still cant believe they are replaying the game.

    only thing i can think (again not that i necessarily agree) is that much in the way points deductions means the Victory season is over.  they are on 10 points with 15.5 games to play.  any points deduction virtually kills them making finals.  which is bullshit logic but it is APL we are talking about - chance to get a "big" team into finals and of course they will go for it.

  3. happy enough with the general sanctions, but restarting the game from the 20th minute (or there abouts) is a fucking disgrace.  storming the ground, assaulting players / match officials / camera staff, causing the game to be abandoned ; what the fuck else has to be done to forfeit a game.  total bullshit.

    btw - we were set to play the nomads on the 22nd April as a home away from home game.  do they get financial compensated due to the reschedule? again total bullshit


    edit: might have misread the date with all the 22s running around.  has the date been announced? my bad if so.

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  4. just looked up his wiki and didnt realise he is 24. thought he was younger.

    the guy's been immense for us.  would love for him to stay one or two more seasons before going overseas; we have the contacts so there are plenty of options to go abroad at the right time and extra time here certainly would help a push for a Socceroos role.

  5. 48 minutes ago, jw1739 said:

    Our squad against Western had 5 U-23 players - Sutton, Bos, Tilio, Talbot and Gomulka. According to the club we are generally in the top 2-3 clubs in terms of U-23 players in the match-day squads. I'd like to see particularly Rafa get more match time, but we're top of the league and giving youth a chance at the same time so I'd say we have the balance about right.

    agreed.  given our current form and league position, i feel its a tough one regarding youth players that are part of the extended squad.  we are obviously in a massively good position to win three straight titles (which would be an aleague first), so you want your best playing.  we have everything to play for - unlike some clubs were you can give the younger ones more match experience (particularly towards the end of the season) where there is less to play for.

    so for me, i am very reserved about giving them game time for game times sake.  these players have to force their way through - show they really are up for it.  take Bos; its taken him a season and a half to force his way in (against the club captain too).  by doing so, he has shown that he isnt just flash in the pan player - instead he value adds so much ........  

    but you are right in that you want these players coming through.  that means they are given match time throughout the campaign.  you look back at when we won the granny, it came off the back off three young players up front (Tilio, Colacovski, Atkinson) that the club back in so when when the Socceroos came knocking, we had three younger players ready to go.

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  6. 8 hours ago, MHFC-FAN said:

    Yeah all good. Probably was an unnecessary comment on my behalf. We're sitting nicely for this point of the season. Particularly when it seems only the Mariners and WSW are probably the only threats at this stage... 

    Couldn't agree more about the Mariners and WSW. Even then we've built such a healthy lead it's on them to chase us down.

    Easier said than done - just think back to the end of last season. we had a great lead going into the last two games because we had to play so many games before ACL duties.  Scum and Geelong were constantly under pressure to make up the difference.

  7. 6 hours ago, haz said:

    With Victory being so low on the table, I can't see the derby being forfeited. 

    The APL will not want Victory missing out on the finals and will need them to get as much points as they can. 

    If the APL has any integrity and balls at all, they will call the game for us. Complete and utter disgrace otherwise.

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  8. On 02/01/2023 at 3:35 PM, recyclosaurusrex said:

    Wonder how the derby will play into this one...


    On 03/01/2023 at 11:43 AM, The Aardvark said:

    I guess incomplete matches don't count towards the tally, which is fair enough. 


    On 03/01/2023 at 12:06 PM, Jovan said:

    Just as Oneils goal will never be recorded,  which is a real pity because it was a nice one.

    tbf only 20 min was played.  how can it count against macca (agreed that it sucks for o'neill).  maybe when we get the 3-0, o'neill is allowed to keep his?

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