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  1. scary whats happened to Eriksen. bloke's 29 and would be uber fit / in shape. makes me wonder if there is much that can be done to prevent it. you hear of / see the odd case (Marc Vivien Foe, Fabrice Muamba - can vividly remember watching that one live), and IFRC Tony Vidmar missed the 2006 WC due to an irregular heart beat. hope Eriksen is ok (which sounds like he will be). really feel for the family and teammates too.
  2. Any final comes down to the team who performs the best that day. Talent has some impact, but whoever puts their chances away are the ones win. We definitely have the talent, so fingers crossed.
  3. We've had more than enough chances and the goal by Goodwin was class. As a side note for the Tards...
  4. great work from Colakovski. might be another option than Nabbout my take on Nabbout is that he will get 45 minutes to put some time into the legs. if he starts to feel tight he can be brought off earlier - would be a little annoying but better than risking him at the end / wasting a sub (to bring him off only after subbing Nabbout on earlier in the game) concerning about Griffiths
  5. completely on the same page from a selfish point of view and get where you're coming from. it's been way too long in terms of us earning a home grand final (should we get it). to miss out is fucked.
  6. if we're not allowed to have crowds in Melbourne then does it massively matter where it's played? granted it would give Sydney a home crowd, but do you really want empty stands for the biggest fixture of the A League season? as an aside, i'm gutted and so shitty that there is a massive chance we won't get to host our first 'home' grand final should we make it. i have very fond memories (if blurry 😉) of our FFA cup win against Sydney and when we clinched the premier's plate against the Mariners. if however we can't go, i'd much rather see some sort of crowd and atmosphere. plus the game here has been financially smashed this last 15 months. would much rather the game make some money from grand final.
  7. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/western-united-part-ways-with-rudan-after-disappointing-a-league-season https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/western-united-option-for-muscat-if-celtic-move-stalls Rudan's gone. the dirtbag from the tards named as possible replacement. when i saw the second article yesterday, i thought it was nothing more than some journo taking the piss. FMD couldn't be more surprised. i know there's been a few rumours here and there that Rudan's can be a rude prick behind closed doors (and he's always come across as a flog) but still 😲
  8. just when i thought we lost the Heart way of finishing a game. useless fucking c*#5s. fuck me dead. 1-0 up. you had one task .... edit: so pissed off .... just can't put it otherwise
  9. 7 minutes in and by God they look shite while we look solid. Great start with 3 out on Socceroos duty
  10. Commentary on Fox during the Derby says the Jets game is slated for this coming Friday
  11. the sad part for me is there is no crowd, so we have no chance ourselves to present a wooden spoon to the tards. given our use of the 6-0 paper last time, i would have found it funny rocking up in the active bay with wooden spoons (probably would have been kicked out for having a "weapon" but). game day bitchesssssssss. pumped.
  12. the fascinating fact / part when you compare Wellington this season to the teams finishing fifth in the prior 9 seasons (the team who rounds out the top 50%) is that Wellington would have been on par to still finish in the finals. twice (Sydney 11/12 and Brisbane 12/13) have worse records so Wellington would have finished 5th. on 4 occasions (Sydney 13/14, Perth 16/17, Adelaide 17/18, Western United 19/20) the team in fifth have played one more game to only finish 1 point ahead. that's right only 1 point ahead despite playing one more game. you also have us in 18/19 (Joyce year two) where we finished on 40 points (two points clear from one more game). we can speculate about the net result of playing one less game, IMO you would expect Wellington to get something out of one extra game more times than not. hence, they can count themselves a little unlucky to not get more out of this season. and FFIW, Wellington's +10 Goal Difference has only been matched once by a team in fifth in the last 9 seasons (no teams in fifth have had a GD above +10). Ironically, it was in 14/15 when it was Wellington itself - having amassed 46 points on their way. It is worth noting that this was the season where Perth amassed 50 points but got kicked out of finals for salary cap breaches.
  13. the teams in the middle of the table have been so close the last few weeks its more of a crab shoot than anything else. you don't know who is going to turn up in terms of whose in form and who is not (and even then those teams seem to misfire every other game anyway) the bigger concern is that JMac has scored half our goals and we lack a solid back up number 9.
  14. more than anything, I'm hoping this makes it easier to keep Maclaren long term. They will get to train together every day, play together every week - as they are locked in for Socceroos when fit then that connection is gonna be massive. Could also help to keep Nabbout, but we can only have two marquees (and all three are worthy of that money)
  15. i think that they have had an amazing season given the hub life they been in all season. Their point tally would have seen them qualify for finals almost any other season over the last 9 season (and have played one less game to boot). really adds to the sentiment that they deserve to be in the league.
  16. over the previous 9 seasons (prior to this one) where there have been 27 games for each team, the team finishing 6th (bottom spot of the finals) have earnt 37 points on average. The team finishing 7th (the team "unlucky" to miss out) have an average of 34.3 (where only one of the nine seasons had a GD above 0) for Wellington to miss out this season, having only played 26, be one point above a typical season, having to be based away from home (nothing any other team has had to do) for the bulk of the season and with a GD well above the norm for a team in 7th is amazing. really glad we don't have to face them in finals TBH.
  17. We face Chinese Taipei next, who have lost every game so far. They've have lost by an average of 5 goals, including their game this morning 2-0 to Nepal (second worst team in the group). A win locks in top spot (which should be the case by a wide margin) Kuwait would be to far behind and Jordan (a) would have to win every game (including against us) while (b) we'd also have to lose to Nepal. Fat fucking chance. Its in the bag.
  18. could also mean we got it oh so right in signing Nabbout. that little shit run we had coincided with him being out
  19. a positive result (aka don't you fucking dare lose Newcastle) for the Jesters against Perth (game is on Saturday), and we go into this game here knowing we can give the Tards their first wooden sppon. given our past derby results this season, i think a spanking is in order - could there be a more perfect time (and yes pun intended 😂 )
  20. Our record against the top 8: 10 W 3 D 3 L = 33pts from 16 (2.0635 pts per game) Our record against the bottom 4: 5 W 0 D 3 L = 15pts from 8 (1.8750 pts per game) if we win our our last two (both bottom 4), our against the bottom 4 only jumps to 2.1000 points per game. to think we have only been that good against the bottom 4!! edit: FWIW i remember walking away from that loss to Perth earlier in the season thinking how shit / insipid we were. at this rate our record against the bottom 5 (will include Perth at the time of posting) will be even starker than our record against the bottom 4
  21. I currently have to hook up my laptop via a HDMI cord because my PS4 doesn't have a Kayo app (although I have a Foxtel app 😡) Not too hard, if but frustrating. At $9 (or there abouts) is decent, but as pointed out by another its frustrating you have to subscribe to so many platforms
  22. Same boat mate, going to watch from the confines of home. My thoughts are it could be played interstate anyway since we were in Brisbane last night and Victoria could be in lock down. Don't see the need to risk it
  23. the second one the bloke went down like a sack of spuds and could have booked. i'm not saying he has been great either. more so i'm don't think its great to judge a bloke who's (a) starting his first game in ages, and (b) there are others who haven't been great either. Galloway has been found well and truly out of position several times Edit - if anything i'm actually surprised we signed him. i think the club saw it as a win win. the guy has a league experience, has been signed as back up and we get to see if he fits prior to finals.
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