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  1. Ha, was about to comment that it sounds like business as usual for us. It will be funny, sad and kinda awesome to see a home Derby with us being the ones out in number
  2. McKinna said in an interview on Fox that (1) the Jest owners are in talks to sell the club and (2) that Robinson has terms that allow him to talk to / be made aware of other clubs who approach the club about his services. Did seem a bit of lip service tho as McKinna did confirm that Robinson is on a 3 year deal - reading between the lines, if Robinson is poached then WSW will need to pay out his contract (so a pretty penny should come their way , particularly given how well the Jest have played under Robinson).
  3. not sure if you're being sarcastic, but he is ex Prem and played in a FA Cup winning team so ... glad it's not us tho
  4. He is ex Prem, and the name carries a bit weight due to a certain uncle / cousin who won shit at Real Madrid after being a gun youth product at Liverpool (similar to Fowler and Owen). with his recent playing history (or distinct patchy one), I suspect injury may have hampered his career (never really followed him tho).
  5. Callum McManaman just announced on a two year deal. Featured in 50 odd games across the last two seasons for Wigan and then Luton in England's Championship. Given most Championship teams play roughly 50 games a season, makes you wonder what his deal is (particularly as most of his games last season saw him come off the bench)
  6. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/wanderers-part-ways-with-de-marigny de Marigny gone; very scant details. wonder if there's been a big clash over transfers.
  7. considering two of Delbridge red cards last season were for VAR given handballs, i don't think his record is anywhere near as bad as it looks. plus defenders are always at risk given they face a prisoner's dilemma when an opponent is through on goal; let the attacker whip the ball in / go one-one with the keeper or dive into a tackle / block at the risk of a foul (and red). Good certainly played heaps last season; the problem i have is that it was Good's first full campaign of games week in week out in a while (his first season back with us he missed / didnt start roughly 10 games by my count). if we were another twelve months down the track and Good had three full campaigns, I wouldnt have an issue
  8. i've got a bad feeling about this. Windbichler and Good have injury histories that have room for concern, Griffiths (alongside being a midfielder come defender backup) is brain snap / slight mix up on a through pass away from a red. Stokes is untested. granted, we can't have 20 players in every positon - i just hope the club is playing a little hardball given the financial position the league (and thereby the salary cap) is in. as such, if his wage doesn't fit then so be it, i just worry we could be easily exposed come an injury or two.
  9. Given our depth and fairly full squad, I doubt we would sign him. Mind you, if Delbridge does end up leaving then maybe. IMO would need to be cheap tho due to our depth.
  10. beat me too it. it's about reducing actual club spend than having a salary cap. remember that the likes of CCM and Newcastle traditionally haven't always had marquee players due to costs vs club financial stability - other clubs are simply now following suit (short term at least). i also think that with all the travel restrictions on people coming into the country and the possible impact on A League clubs to have scouts overseas watch games in person ATM, it might be much more convenient for clubs to mostly stay the course with current marquee players only (ie JMac for us, Ninkovic at the smurfs, Bruno in Perth). makes the signing of Nabbout all the more positive.
  11. Thanks. I think there's been a few emails that haven't come through. Mind you I wonder how the process works on who attends if melbourne still has restrictions during the season (ie only 1/4 of the stadium is open) and if we have to pay for home games in front of empty stands Make all the jokes / memes you want, gonna be shit should the club be forced to turn some of the members away
  12. Cheers, that's fairly frustrating if only some members have been included in the process
  13. does any one else pay by monthly direct debit? have you been getting charged for next season?
  14. i didnt receive it; what did it say?
  15. i'm not overly worried TBC. we have depth so we are covered if he gets injured or is unfit, while he'll be looking to put the last few seasons behind him by having a big season. plus the tards were so so shite last season that no one looked good (other than maybe Toivonen). Nabbout did score 8, so that's gotta count for something.
  16. the more and more i think about this signing, the more happy i am with it. IMO there is no real downside here (unless of course he has been given a marquee deal - which i doubt from reading the press release). We have a decent amount of depth if he is injured / unfit, yet he comes into a position vacated by Wales (and possibly Noone). he scored 8 times this season just gone (as many as Diamanti, Hooper and Barbarouses), can play wide and centrally in the front third, has proven experience in the league. plus, the fact he wants to join "an ambitious" club is just fucking gold.
  17. Richie Garcia announced as new head coach / manager. can't wait to give him shit the next time they play us at AAMI https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/garcia-leapfrogs-foxe-to-land-glory-job
  18. would love to express my gratitude too. thanks guys for all your efforts, both on the SEN show and the Thursday night no holds barred show. having an offseason (even if it is shorter than usual) and thereby no show for a while in a way is a offside, but can certainly appreciate that you guys might want / need a break. don't know about anyone else, but i know for me getting regular shows has helped a shit ton over lockdown.
  19. one of the problems with the current setup is that we only have 5 games a week. Expand the league and you have more content from a broadcast perspective. That enables more sponsors to be seen (and more often where they sponsor the league), which in itself puts more money into the game (on top of a bigger broadcast deal). in terms of the fans, you are right in that it is a challenge to turn the public into supporters. I see it like "field of dreams" tho - build it and (then) they will come. you need teams there first before fans bases will grow.
  20. one of the major issues facing our game in the saturated Aussie market, and a big part of the reason our game needs to have restrictions on spending
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