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  1. Can't believe this thread hasn't had a post since June 2020 so... Bump?!?!? On a side note, he is the sideline / boundary reporter for the Geelong v Glory hole game tonight. Wtf, seriously? Fox can't be fucked finding anyone else so they hire a current aleague marquee?
  2. Pro's Noone's goal was an absolute peach (off his right foot too) and total class Quality through balls along the ground (like Luna's) require quality runs (like Colakovski's). Our link up play was fantastic. And on that, Jmac's was a great team goal. As much banging goals (like Noone's) look great for the ordinary fan and help build headlines, it's goals like the second one that provide the success (or lack thereof) of any team. As we have seen from Noone's inconsistency, you just can't rely on worldies every time to win you games Good was class as normal, and Stokes did a great job on debut. each of the younger players really stood up personally, i think we can thank Delbridge for changing his game up. The fact of the matter was his normal lunges and last-ditch-go-to-ground play were so non existent last night it meant we could finally keep 11 players on field (both this season AND against WU). The guy doesn't get enough credit 😉 Con's the first team to score tends to win games over 60% of the time. We can't afford to go behind too often. we were short of CBs to start with. Griffiths doing a hammy is a massive worry (particularly with his age the pace of Paine down the right side of our defense. we were just lucky he's shite Glover's made a few alarming decisions recently. Unfortunately he plays a position where we will be punished when he gets caught out. I know that he plays his role as a keeper sweeper (which means there are benefits to him being off his line), but FMD he was a bit worrying last night
  3. Colakovski for a game changing performance. Quality through balls along the ground (like Luna's) require quality runs (like Colakovski's). The cross for the goal also gave JMac a simple finish / a goal on a silver platter. Time and time again Colakovski hugged the sideline, forcing the fullback / wingback into a prisoners dilemma - stay too central and give the winger space out wide or drift out and risk being caught in behind. His energy really helped (including on the counter) allowed us to dominate the last 20. TBF, there is probably 5 or 6 players who were all very solid.
  4. a lot of our youth players go over too early / young. you only have to look at Mooy - a player who started out at the Bolton youth academy (an EPL side at the time IIRC). youth players require game time at a decent level more than anything else. Mooy benefited massively from coming back. the amount of good, quality young players we have had lured overseas (sometimes to bigger clubs - Amini, Langerak, Brad Smith to name a few) and get limited game time is super disappointing. doesnt help when you do your ACL after your breakout game too though.
  5. Merry Christmas to you and your family /loved ones and hope you have a great day after such a shite year ❤️🎄🎊
  6. Ha, beat me to it 😁. Looks like we might get a couple of early #notaderby games. I imagine us vs the Tards will be held back for the chance to get solid crowds
  7. My nearest station is Merinda Park, which is the second last stop on the Cranbourne line. It takes around 40 minutes between Richmond and Dandenong (and a further 15ish if you go to the end of the line) that said Casey fields 5 km from Cranbourne Station (AAMI Park is 400m from Richmond Station FWIW) If you drive, Dandenong is 25 - 30 min from the Burnley tunnel. Cranbourne is about 35 - 40 In terms of the new training base, I'm don't really care one way or the other. Big thing for me is that the move helps the club develop. I'm a little surprised given recent investment in Bundoora, but I'm sure the club's got its reasons Personally, I always found the Bundoora training base out of the way - I can't remember actually going there because I largely cbf'd. As such, I think it doesn't matter where the training base is - some fans benefit and others lose out.
  8. Thanks for the update. Shits me the club hasn't been upfront and transparent on this. Granted that their hands are tied (from what they told you) but still, the season is two weeks away. Members pay their money - can't be hard to keep us informed.
  9. and thats where i wonder whats happened. seems weird
  10. thanks for all those "nuggets" of gold 😁 in all seriousness though, thanks for the follow up. i have seen buggar all from the club regarding this (and as a member since way back too) - the bs marketing emails from club included. WTF is this shit? i asked earlier thinking that maybe it related to Australia Post (being Christmas and how shit they have been anyway this year). I feel disappointed with the lack of transparency (or for me, care) this season.
  11. IIRC last season they sent out a digital copy of people's membership just in case the package didn't arrive in time. Don't see why that could not happen this time
  12. haha true disappointing that we have around two weeks until the start of the season (17 days until our first home game) and nada on what's happening on the membership front
  13. has anyone actually received their membership yet?
  14. normally the second qualifier is away in Japan, South Korea, etc so i'm guessing we have to quarantine when we play the second game. potential nightmare situation in terms of our season being drawn out and/or rushed towards the end.
  15. You've bang on; Redmayne took a while. It didn't help last season that Delano did knee so early in the piece. The fact he's competing with other youngsters is good too.
  16. not necessarily as people may be coming with those in the same household - why separate / spread them out? could be based on the aisle / bay you are in you're right tho, interesting any which way
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