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  1. FTBL article suggests Melbourne City are in the mix for Fabregas. Sounds more likely to be going to Macarthur, however it’s refreshing to see the kind of name we’re after - would help with crowds.
  2. Given we got 15k to a COVID grand final with no travelling fans, I like to think a less COVID impacted final with 5k travelling fans should come close to capacity if not a sell out
  3. Let's not forget that Adelaide were on a 6 game winning streak before our two matches with them, to draw away and defeat them is very good (particularly after our Perth/Wellington games when I thought our goose was cooked this year in relation to the seat).
  4. Deluka

    Tom Glover

    Well played tonight, need him to be at that level on Saturday!
  5. Email from the Aleagues is stating that tickets will be from $40, I assume that means adult GA will be $50-$60? Members get 10% off what ever it is though for up to 10 tickets per member.
  6. Haven’t watched much of Sydney but it would be really hard for a young defender to shine in a team playing so poorly. Sydney fans seem really upset to have lost him, perhaps we’re not retaining one of Jenkinson/Galloway and Talbot is being brought in for cover. Have read that Talbot has played out of position at Sydney as he’s actually a RB and not a LB.
  7. Big BIG night potentially - what a homecoming against Wellington that would be! Come on you Jets & City boys!
  8. Win tonight and the only teams who can catch us are WU and Victory (the latter would require to overturn a +20 GD)
  9. 4-1 Nix! Can’t see WU coming back from here.
  10. They have 5 after this and all outside VIC (some at neutral venue in Tasmania).
  11. WU choking hard, 3-0 down. If the result remains the same and we win the derby that places is nicely for the plate.
  12. Just realised how intense the turnaround will be for ACL, we could come back to Melbourne a completely different team fatigued, injured and at risk of COVID which makes a derby win all the more important. I think we've been able to rest some key players over the past month which should hopefully mean we go in and out of Asia pretty fresh - I trust CFG will look after us.
  13. It’s going to be very odd having played 4-5 more than every other team and hoping that they can’t catch us for the plate or too 2. will be a very weird way to win the plate if we were to win it.
  14. Apparently WEAREWUFC gets you free tickets - load up! Don't mind them playing at AAMI if we can go for free!
  15. The code HALFPRICE gives you half price tickets
  16. Saw some article earlier today saying every player is in the squad which sounds like Leckie will definitely play a role.
  17. I reckon if they move it it’ll be to AAMI Park. The move would be Hume’s call so it’ll be down to commercials and moving it to a central location with big capacity gives them the best chance to make bank.
  18. TBH Nabbout was always going to look out of sorts as he was surrounded by teammates and opposition who have largely been playing regularly abroad. Looks like JMac was on a flight ASAP and will arrive in Melbourne today so expect him to come off the bench (maybe start!) and reckon Leckie will be rested given he played more minutes for AUS.
  19. Tickets will be hard to come by if they hold it at ABD as its capacity is 4,000 although when Victory played them in the RO16 in 2017 attendance was 2.9k. When they moved their FFA Cup semi final against Victory in 15/16 they had a crowd of 6.5k at AAMI.
  20. Hard to have a good shot conversion rate when they have 10 players camped in the 18 yard box though
  21. Can see this playing out similar to the WSW vs. Broadmeadow last night, would expect South to lift more for this fixture though.
  22. Hasn’t started in preseason, Jamie Maclaren also recently said he’s still getting up to speed post quarantine and having not played since March so will need time.
  23. Potential Line Up based on how we lined up against WU last week: Tilio Cola Atkinson Metcalfe Florin O'Neil Jamo Griffiths Good Galloway Bench: Hall, Oresti, Gomulka, Sutton, RBR, Puciarelli, Grimaldi
  24. Leckie, Nabbout & Macca out of this fixture - all called up for Socceroos and you'd think are all in serious doubt for round 1.
  25. Jeez looks like we absolutely peppered them, especially in the first half when we were full strength - good signs ahead of FFA Cup
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