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  1. You can also stream the official radio coverage from their apps (think grandstand will be doing it again) but tbh it's not a very easy way to follow the game. Mostly good if you have limited bandwidth
  2. You just basing this on the timing, or do you have another source?
  3. Looking like it's going to be a long season. Finally looking half decent and we immediately concede another goal.
  4. Mmm, will be interesting to see. (A quick note that I'm pretty sure Canberra spent more than a 3rd of the cap, though not all of it.) Scott Munn and John Tsatsimas (WSW) were the club reps in the discussions; don't think that's a coincidence. Hopefully the increased salary cap should also help recruiting with visa players.
  5. Kinnibari

    Laura Alleway

    They'd be used to playing with each other which is a plus.
  6. Big improvements for the w-league this season: http://www.w-league.com.au/article/new-era-for-professional-female-footballers-in-australia/f16st1wmt0kh1vizg7951zy12
  7. Kinnibari

    Laura Alleway

    Somewhat behind with the news this offseason, but this is sad news.
  8. Here's the 2017-18 fixture. Key details: Six home games in Melbourne: Four double headers at AAMI (round 2, 3, 7 and 12) Two stand alone games at CB Smith Reserve (round 6 and 10) One away game in Melbourne: Victory host us at Epping (round 11) Seven games broadcast on Fox: The four home games at AAMI Three away matches against Perth (round 1), Brisbane (round 8) and WSW (round 9) Still a 14 round season with two byes. First game is Friday 27 October (away in Perth, broadcast 10pm our time), last game is Saturday 3 February (away in Newcastle, not broadcast), followed by semi finals the next weekend and the grand final the weekend afterwards.
  9. Not sure, anyone know the strength of the Israeli shekel?
  10. Seems weekend announcements are a thing now?
  11. I think previous seasons were also boring, we just had more hope that we would eventually sign someone good and that carried us through. But we've traditionally been very slow to sign players.
  12. Based on my experience with other fluffy items, wash it on gentle then tumble dry it with tennis balls. But it should have care instructions on the tag.
  13. You reckon? Seems an anticlimactic way to retire even if we don't qualify. Surely he'd want one last season that people knew was the last and also that he knew was the last.
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