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  1. If they're serious about memberships, don't think it'd be hard to employ at least one person to take calls right up to Christmas to take advantage of our momentum. Just a little thing.
  2. Just rang membership to change my address details - they're shut. Good to see the club taking advantage of a massive derby win and vibe around town. Fuck me.
  3. My son is nearly 8, with every darby he realises what dickhead supporters Victory have. I said to him about five times the other night - "that's why we support City"! He couldn't believe that snotty 10-12 year old from the south end giving it to the Melburnians before the game. Great parenting!
  4. This was my first family day, my 7 year old fella loved it. Got most players signatures, even had a kick with Brown, who's a bloody nice bloke, won't bag him anymore! Was pretty well run.
  5. Kalimera Souvlaki Art in Oakleigh. The best souvlaki I've ever had, struggle to drive past it.
  6. Ha, they were complaining about their cold snap up there, seemed pretty nice to us! The crowd was good, just under 22k I think. Saw a few Melb supporters up there. The crowd was subdued, but as the game went on they were clearly supporting the underdog. We missed Mauk's stuff up, were taking a piss, didn't know about it till we read the paper the next day. Was great my boy got a top even though it doesn't fit him - my size, but fuck me I spent $90 on my first one just 3 days earlier!
  7. Ok, pretty happy I made the decision to head up for the game. 1. We played well and weren't embarrassed. 2. Saw a world class team live. 3. My 7 year old son was presented with a Melb City top after the game (even if it was from a sheepish Mauk) 4. Got away from Melbs crappy weather.
  8. Yes, If you can get the Premium C seats that you want that's what I would be doing. I know it's tough when prices rise, but $55 is only $4 per match and you can actually retain that seat for as long as you want it. With reserved seating the opportunity to get 5-6 seats together is unlikely to come again. Yep, I got 4 seats (family) even though I go to most games alone or with my son. Have to lure friends/family this year with free entry and seat. Might have room for a lay down this year.
  9. nope Ha, seems that way, no wonder we got great seats, we're the only dickheads heading up. Tbf I wouldn't have minded the sunshine and if I had kids who liked Man City its a pretty good oppertunity to kill two birds with one stone. Out of interest you going to their ICC games down here? No, think they're sold out yeah? Was too slow off the mark. Seemed like a pretty good alternative to me, and a good excuse for a mini holiday.
  10. nope Ha, seems that way, no wonder we got great seats, we're the only dickheads heading up.
  11. Yep, it's shit that the game's not in Melbourne, but bugger it I'm heading up with my 7 year old son. He's been a Man City nut ever since they bought us. It's a good excuse for a little getaway in some sunshine. Anyone else heading up?
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