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  1. I don't agree with this move to Casey Fields
  2. Cop that victory scum, we have officially arrived and are coming for the most league titles and grand final wins in this city. Get used to it, move over and keep signing the youth off the scrap, where's your academy you pretenders.
  3. And what did Newcastle win that year? Not one trophy to show for it and arguably with nabbout would've won that granny
  4. If we are a serious club regardless of what offer we get in Jan we will not sell him till the end of the season. DO NOT SELL HIM IN JAN
  5. Such a joke of a club we are. Until we start winning games away from home nothing will ever change. Bunch of bottle jobs
  6. Honestly can't believe we are gonna drop points to this mob. Some things never change
  7. How many members do we have? It hasn't updated for ages
  8. This is the exact game we will drop points in... I see a 1-1 draw
  9. Pretty simple reason why I no longer have a membership and didn't renew from last season. They will keep this manager in place because they believe we need a cultural shift. But if they really wanted that shift in culture they would've showed some balls and made Popa manager in the off season. So I will no longer support the current set up under Munn, Petrillo and Joyce.
  10. LOL NPL 2 men would absolutely batter the womens
  11. Does anyone know if Free wifi at AAMI is happening again this season?
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