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    fat cunt to get sacked by this xmas 🤞
  2. can anyone confirm how much paramount is for members? thanks
  3. so are we getting the win or will it be replayed?
  4. he ain't all that, lacroix bitch, hopeless going up against him
  5. 0/4 against park the bus fc at home, embarrassing amazing what impact a half decent gk can have on a shit squad
  6. happy for him to go, to have the Aussie front 3 and look so shit for the majority of the season is horrible Italian visa situation has been handled shockingly part blame on cfg but dropping galloway for jenkinson wasn't the right move
  7. praying juande and isais both get their legs mangled, fucking rats
  8. tobin medal is 3-2-1 votes handed out by mongas in the media, no fucken idea how caceras is anywhere near it
  9. I know but it’s a meaningless trophy. Grand final is the big one searching for finals before and this season there’s a 2 leg semi final. Mid week and weekend before the grand final 🤦‍♂️
  10. couldn't care less about a minor premiership trophy, just want acl qualification again
  11. useless cunt should never play again like seriously, at some point you have to stop and think, they're actually paying me to be this shit
  12. if that one team didn't pull out we wouldn't be putting up with this results v 4th don't count bs would we?
  13. sucks dick if we get eliminated on a technicality 12 fucking points in the group stage
  14. pretty embarrassing not being able to beat a Thai team 🤦‍♂️
  15. in the semi finals of champions league but lost the 1st leg away 3-1
  16. wtf was that last min attempt to get the cross 🤯
  17. still so fucking happy about this
  18. battered these shit cunts 3 times this season for 1 point 🤦‍♂️
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