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  1. 12 minutes ago, strider said:

    the arabs invented the greeks



    ...from the greek word 'Blasfeemía'... meaning 'He who does not believe that Greeks invented everything, Re.'

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  2. 2 minutes ago, playmaker said:

    So I assume Kamau or Fitzy will play on the left side or maybe Austin if he is available.


    Between my random ramblings about nothing, have i missed a signing? Or are you off the mark again?

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  3. 1 hour ago, KSK_47 said:

    This! It also doesnt help that mums drive giant 4 wheels drives and are completely unaware of how much space they take up

    And how much space they actually have to maneuver the vehicle. Pulling out from a crossover taking two lanes to turn because they don't want the rear wheel to ride the kerb. WTF is this logic? (or lack there of). 1. It's an SUV. 2. It's an SUV. and 3. It's a fucking SUV!! The wheels and tyres are as big as my car, it can easily ride 15 kerbs. If you were really worried of a little bump then you should have kept your legs closed.  

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  4. 6 hours ago, MCFCDion said:


    Caption this pic... GO!


    1 hour ago, KSK_47 said:

    Dude on the right looks like he is regretting it already

    "What is this shmurda thing this guy keeps going on about?!'

    "He was born for this team... the stripes match his teeth?"

    "If you look closely, it looks like he's holding onto a jail cell bar"





    1 hour ago, Shahanga said:

    Normally I would agree. I'm disappointed too, but this is what the 4th club Harry has parted from due to his off field issues?

    Suggests he is not an easy fix.

    Frankly this looks like the last chance saloon for him. Surely He can't keep getting kicked out of lower league clubs and stay a professional for much longer?



    50 minutes ago, HEARTinator said:

    Was part of the trio with Mooy and Bruno that gave us such enjoyment last season but sadly he just seems a wayward footballer that can find himself in trouble - which can take the gloss off the club. Pity tho because he has loads of football ability. Good luck and thanks for your contribution Harry :up:

    Either way... the death penalty will fix him...

  5. 21 minutes ago, thisphantomfortress said:

    I read a comment somewhere else that I wanted to bring up on here. The whole book series is very anti-war where as the tv show really hasn't been able to convey this as well.... Until now. That fight scene was Saving Private Ryanesc, the pure desperation of the crush was horrible too. Any fans of Dan Carlin on here will be aware of his discussions on how horrific battles are and it really reminded me of that.

    was an awesome visual representation of how fucked up war actually is

    Was having a chat to a mate. He said that his other mate had to look away because he's claustrophobic...  

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