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  1. Couldn't care when they announce it. As long as he is training with us and gets to know how we play. I'd be happy for them to announce it the last match of the season so long as he has signed and plays the season.
  2. so much sticking the A-League up our ass, hey? Stay classy Knights...
  3. For some reason i'm thinking that we wont see anyone in that high paid spot until mid to late January.
  4. http://www.foxsports.com.au/video/football/ffa-cup/full-matches/flo-v-mcy-full-match-replay!538112
  5. http://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/blacktown-city-striker-danny-choi-scores-70m-ffa-cup-goal-to-spark-goalfest-20160727-gqfbpk.html
  6. Cevaps were below par. Pitch was abhorrent. Silly people chanting anti A-League jargon, all the while the city supports are pumping money into the club. Should swap Bozanis for their keeper that played in the first half.
  7. Dunno man, Bruno would be stupid to cheat on his mrs.
  8. Kilkenny. Has to be. I'm seeing the same strong leadership qualities in him as i was seeing in Kisnorbo.
  9. Most cops are scared of shooting people dude. Shit scared. They don't get enough time using the pistol.
  10. It's the hair... I can say this because mine's almost that long.
  11. Sometime you just have to suck up your pride and tap the first person on the shoulder and ask if they're done yet... then dive right up in there!
  12. The locker room plays a big hand in this. Has to be a presence on and off the pitch.
  13. So Cahill won't be announced until after his contract is up. That's on the 21st of this month (Tomorrow) correct? We know he is a 1 season guest... not marquee. Which brings me to these next questions. Considering the reports are saying that we had already secured him from last season... Who the fuck is this mysterious man? Does his contract end on the same date? Is that why we haven't/can't announce him? Eager as fuck to see who he might be.
  14. I've heard this ever season since inception. Never gets old. lol
  15. Keen for some football. I'd be happy if they played in someones backyard. Zero fucks given
  16. Have you tried Pokemon Go? lol, servers are down on that more than they're up!
  17. Fucking LOL!!! Possibly one of the best things i've seen! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WT3YG0_SRxw
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