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  1. On 8/4/2016 at 4:56 PM, thisphantomfortress said:

    Boring article 


    fun fact at the bottom no mention of the project;

    Waleed Aly is a Fairfax columnist, the winner of the 2015 Quill award for best columnist, and a lecturer in politics at Monash University.

    For some reason i read that as 'Waleed Aly is a Fairfax Communist'...

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  2. From what I've seen in all those video's that the club posts. They are trying to instill a professional environment within the club, so when you come to work, you know what the expectations are. For one, everyone is in uniform! 

    Some people thrive in this environment, others find it tedious. I just hope that the people we target and lure are the people that thrive, including Mr. Rose..

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