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    TV Series

    Westworld. Episode 1 out today. Written and directed by Jonathon Nolan (Best known for The dark knight and The Dark Knight Rises, etc.). 9.2 on imdb. My favorite episode from game of thrones is Season 1, Episode 1. that's 8.9/10. Give me that Westworld.
  2. Deviant

    Stay Woke

    That the Clinton foundation (The same foundation that is funding Hillary's campaign for president) has been pumped with funds from Saudi Arabia? Inb4 CFG rig US Politics and MLS... Patric Viera and co. as next leaders.
  3. What? It's not like he's saying that there's gonna be an influx of Apex members buying victory memberships!?
  4. New kit... but more importantly... Caption this.
  5. she looks like her twitter account name.
  6. Confirmed on her instagram/twitter will play for AU. Closer to home and more opportunity for her. Loss for us is a gain for her.
  7. Picture says a lot of words. For the people who enjoy pictures.
  8. Att: @cadete cue the JVS pic. lol Edit: Too late. lol
  9. And too many in the backline. Try 352
  10. I hope so. He plays the wing back role well.
  11. I'll change the title to your suggestion once it's official. You may need to remind me, please.
  12. It's harder for a person to enter USA, UK, Aus. is they have a South American passport. You wont hear from the club until he is able to hold up the shirt for photo's and the media team to get there video's. pics, etc. sorted.
  13. Project Ara, officially coming to an end. Google pulling the plug on the project.
  14. lol don't encourage me. There are so many dark corners that this conversation can go...
  15. Had a long, hard, 'chat' with them. They're also releasing a limited edition lotion. The club will provide scented candles for all people with family memberships - one per membership.
  16. and thats what i tell others when they come to me saying "hey did you hear who we signed?" lol
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