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  1. Should take a bunch of USB’s to the game for Mark Rudan, throw them onto the pitch chanting we found your USBs.
  2. And I mean that not as a question as the song implies, but more so we are what becomes of the broken hearted... Anyway, probably lame
  3. Reverse side... What becomes of the broken hearted
  4. A guy, who didn't know much to do about anything. Watched a bit of soccer and despite the efforts from his vicmong mates chose to sit on the outer and sign up for this new team in red and white. First game against CCM I watched in a bar in my hotel in Adelaide. The following week I was tempted to stay 1 extra day to watch the lads but after 4 weeks of Adelaide just wanted to go home. My first game I knew no one, just a chap with big hair looking for his 'seat'. Looking back now, my... how the fuck that changed for the better quickly. It's been a blast, enjoyed the highs and the lows and thankful for the friendships formed in such a short space of time. Thanks to all who made me feel included, involved! And cheers to the lads who's hard work, time, money and effort gave me something to look forward to each week.
  5. If you post up a design you're expecting feedback. Don't see why that should stop anyone not commenting regardless of whether it's good or bad? Tbh, the majority of these designs leave a lot to be desired. If these were the choices we'd be better served having a logo with a green seat and insignia 'where were you when we were shite'.
  6. I didn't think this design could get worse but you've really given it a good shot. ROFF! No need for sky blue in any of them, we are red and white let's keep it that way. All this talk of having the city coat of arms in it is a great link, but you can't directly plagiarise it. Let's be honest here, how relevant is a whale, a hanging fleece or lions in chains relevant to Melburnians of today? Sure it envokes grandeur and has been used well in the terrace. But IF we change our name, our colours, badge it would be for branding for people to connect with...
  7. So Newcastle Utd Jets is a completely new entity from when Tinkler took over then? I'm confused, new colours, new kits... Personally I want the colours to stay the way they are. I don't mind an official name change with us the fans referring to them as the hearts. Passion is what keeps a club's heart beating. It's why we're all here to witness and discuss this ownership transfer. For me, in following the Hearts I've formed friendships with a group of fantastic chaps. Chaps that I stand shoulder to shoulder with in the Yarraside week in, week out. I'm not new to this shit, I've followed the Bulldogs all my life. I don't personally like the "Western" name change, but I was there at the Western Oval in '89 as a kid with my family and I'm thankful for every minute I get to see my team run around. You can't take that away...
  8. Updated the nephew's bookcase whilst the bro is away on holidays!
  9. classy Thanks. Myki helped me put my idea into art form. I wouldn't call it art but I like it, hope it wins champ
  10. They played one team in the 8 over the last six weeks and got humped. The dogs fans here know I have nothing but good will for them... But it has to be said winning your last six or seven games of a Season when a lot other sides have put the cue back in the rack can be a very deceiving form line for the next season. Richmond supporters used to fall for this trap a lot in 2000’s and Peter Schwab fell heavily for it when he declared of the backend of the season previous that the Hawks could win the flag in 2004. I'm clearly not one to get carried away with much, and whilst we had a good end to the season I certainly don't see us making the 8 next season let alone winning a flag. On the other hand, whilst some teams had put the cue in the rack, it was good to see us be competitive against strong sides and not get blown apart by the likes of Geelong, Essendon, Hawthorn and Sydney. Apart from a fadeout due to tired legs of younger lads for the most part we matched it in 3 or so quarters of games against those teams. That's what I'm particularly happy about. Crameri will be a good pick up for us and I think Macca has us on the right path. Finals no... but I expect us to win a few more games next season... and personally I can't wait to see Tom Liberatore tear it up again next season
  11. Ahh yes, the W. Hate how it looks on the away strip!!
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