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  1. For mine its a sad day in Yarraside/Melburnians/Bay 17 history when a majority of the terrace boo and ridicule some of the loudest, most passionate and long-standing active supporters for lighting a flare. There are certainly lots more distasteful and dangerous things that people say and do in the terrace than making it temporarily smokey. It wasnt long ago that the terrace was united towards a match-day atmosphere that made coming to the soccer unique. Perhaps next year, when finals attendances drop even lower than 7000, the people who booed tonight will realise that by alienating the supporters putting the most effort into the terrace atmosphere, that they (along with heavy-handed FFA match day regulation) are responsible for the continuing decline of Aleague match-day atmospheres and crowds. I'd encourage anyone who disagrees with this post to have a google for some old melbourne heart/Yarraside highlights reels and compare tonight with the size, volume, colour, visual displays and embracing of flares that characterised the first four seasons of bay 17 (all achieved supporting a team that never finished higher than 6th). Even old NT/RBB footage and MV/WSW crowds would be worth comparing to comprehend the extent of the declining atmospheres and crowds across the league. - A sad foundation active supporter
  2. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/article/2018/03/09/ffa-looking-help-fans-get-legal-pyro-0
  3. Old thread but Schenkeveld pushing Matt Simon yesterday my melted my heart and I think he's already edged out Kisnorbo/Wilkinson/Gerhardt/Madaschi at CB in my all time XI after 5 games. Fornaroli Novillo-Mooy-Villa Engelaar-Kilkenny Behich-Jakobsen-Shenkeveld-Franjic Sorensen Honourable mentions to Bolton, Melling, Duff, Garcia, Brandan, Sibon and the CB's above (For anyone not convinced by CFG recruiting, have a read above; our squads have improved out of sight since 2014)
  4. Meanwhile somewhere in Holland JVS watches in perplexed disbelief as we manage to open the season undefeated and top of the league playing 4 centrebacks and being dominated for possession every game
  5. OleOleTV is listing the match and generally reliable if you dont mind getting through a few pop-up ads
  6. Heard the chorus at 1:40 and thought It'd make a decent chant Potential to swap/change a few lines or even try a call-response vibe but I reckon something like this: (Quieter) Its been a long road, for Tommy Sorensen and we’ll tell you all about him when he saves us again He’s come a long way, from where he began And we’ll tell you all about him when he saves us again (Louder) Oh-oh-ohhhh-ooooooh Oh-oh-ohoh-ooooooh We’ll tell you all about him when he saves us again Oh-oh-ohhhh-ooooooh Oh-oh-ohoh-ooooooh We’ll tell you all about him; Tommy Sorensen
  7. how to get active area: 1. on the event page select the "reserved seating" option 2. it will tell you that demand is too high to pick individual seats 3. on the "find me tickets" page change the top left dropdown from "adult-etc" to "adult active away support area" 4. the corresponding concession/child categories will subsequently change to active 5. now when you click find tickets it will give you row 23/24/25 instead of 10/43/etc
  8. http://au.soccerway.com/players/joshua-blake-kennedy/719/matches/ Hasnt played for Nagoya since 23 of August
  9. To me "Melburnians" makes the most sense -Having read through most of the posts on here there dont seem to be any standout suggestions that please everyone -Melburnians has the least cringe factor of any name we could use, being 100% representative of the club and supporters without alienating any particular groups -Whether we continue to actively refer to ourselves as yarraside or not, the broader uneducated public/media will most likely take a while to stop using it. Naming ourselves a collective term rather than a "place name" allows the yarraside name to co-exist as a non-recognised name for our active area for as long as it will -Further, as collective term, Melburnians can easily become a nickname longer term which allows for a "place name" (more similar to yarraside) to develop organically rather than being hastily decided via internet forums/voting -I can also see the name really getting to victory supporters as it implies we are the primary melburnian team (we are melbourne, theres only one team in melbourne, etc)
  10. David Villa and a red away strip didnt sound bad yesterday, but seeing list of "OUT"s above; mostly guys who- whilst i didnt know them personally- i have always admired for the time and dedication they put into Yarraside, puts the cost of the CFG takeover into perspective. In a city already boasting the biggest, most commercially successful team in the league, we were initially marketed as a football club based on purist ideals and attractive football. In taking the first supporters of the club and then filtering away all the fair-weather fans through 4 years of on field mediocrity, we managed to end up with a small group of incredibly loyal, passionate rusted-on fans. I'm really hoping Yarraside will be the same as it always was this season, with the same core members who made it the best group of supporters in the league. But deep down I can tell it wont be long before I'm just supporting a mini man city amongst strangers; Glory hunting, self proclaimed EPL fanatics who have never been to a game in their life. Fans who will, inevitably, erase the identity of a club i was once proud to call my own.
  11. --Tip for anyone looking to purchase extra tickets-- Online tickets in the cheapest areas (not B reserved or A reserved) are all currently sold out, meaning any teen/ concession looking to buy a ticket will have to fork out at least $34 + $5.30 transaction fee. I rang the club this evening and enquired about the 4 game flexi membership. For $40 dollars concessions still get a C reserve ticket at the derby and the choice of three other home games for the season. Also note: Because there isn't enough time to have a membership card made and sent out, the club will email you a printed ticket for this weekend.
  12. Aloisi to be sacked on December 16th following Sydney away, with John Kosmina announced as immediate replacement; setting up a head to head clash with Kevin Muscat at the Melbourne derby on December 21st ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyldpnfTc6I ) You heard it here first
  13. I personally like the idea of having depth 3 first team quality centre backs: -It gives us the option to switch to 3-at-the-back formations when chasing games -I can already see Kisnorbo receiving his fair share of cards/suspensions which would otherwise leave us vulnerable Only negative is the possibility of losing Vrankovic to another Craig Goodwin situation
  14. Having selected to "pick up at first home game" when purchasing my membership, does anyone know if the tent will be up by 1 oclock? Keen to see the VPL grand final (but not to fork out another $17)
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