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  1. Going to be fun when Poppa pisses off half way through the season for a random Greek club. Seems to be that the Visitors have the same issue WSW have. They buy into the head coach cult of personality and give total control to the head coach. So when they leave, the bottom falls out. Dont get that same sense with us or Sydney.
  2. Picked up a hoodie. Can confirm its great quality. Best merch we have ever had
  3. Well its more that local suppler that makes the other stuff (that usually looks shit). So its official, but not Puma official?
  4. Yeah exactly. When I saw it I remember immediately thinking. Not great but Tillio is a great replacement. Although if the rumors are true. Leckie as an injury replacement?
  5. Well its not Puma. But its in the same category as that other merch on the shop
  6. How is the dodgy car parts site going anyway? 😋
  7. May 22 is my birthday. So you can lock it in and get the Champaign ready
  8. Easily best looking thing thus far The read heart is *chefs kiss* https://premier.sportsubs.com.au/aleague/melbournecity/products/productdetails?productid=22289
  9. Well Reis hassnt really played much at all has he? Its a situation which makes me impressed, that we can cover that, but at the same time I am petrified. 🤣
  10. I must have missed this… but what’s up with nuno?
  11. Steve Keane.... Oufff IMO this means two things. Jean Paul Dim said no. Or they have no money left
  12. well it was more benefit of doubt goes to the attacking team
  13. Hey ground announcer @Embee more TISM in the playlist please. 'Got a root out of it' would be a good start
  14. Yeah who would have though if a club treats him with a bit of respect, he could be such a good player?
  15. Feel a little scared by how good we have been lately 😂
  16. Our real yard stick is beating Adelaide away. Do that next time and they can give us the toilet seat
  17. Pretty damn impressive imo. Given all of the disruption and changes. It tells me that the club do have a game plan that at least everyone is onboard with and knows there role. As always the question is about whether it’s going to be the same week after week which has always been our issue
  18. Well at least we have the tap in merchant
  19. If you dont go and collect it, they will end up posting it anyway after a few weeks 😁
  20. I didnt know South got accepted into the Greek 2nd Div?
  21. Id love to know how Sydney has largely kept the same squad and somehow managed to keep it under a reduced cap.
  22. I reckon Windbitch was huge. When he came back into the 11 last season we looked so different defensively. losing Him and Brilliante has killed us imo
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