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  1. Do they say lets catchup or we should catchup. Because the two are very very different. I should drink less, eat less takeaway and exercise more, but thats probably not what im gonna choose to do.
  2. I got torn a new one on here a while back when I suggested that the team would be better overall with a "lesser" striker.
  3. Average FT wage is sufficient to reap benefits if incorrectly apply the exemption.
  4. Because most businesses and their advisors misinterpret (wilful or otherwise) a certain FBT exemption and the ATO appear to be disinclined to do much about it.
  5. Petrillo has said that he had wanted to bring Vidmar into the clib in sone capacity for a number of months, based on that I suspect there had been contact before Rado stepped down. Petrillo also made comments about getting done by huge scorelines in GF n aus cup (or was it the league). Based on these two comments I wouod be highly surprised if Petrillo hadn't reached out to Vidmar after the GF disaster and kept an open line of communication up until bring appointed.
  6. That was definitely an intentional typo on my behalf, I assure you.
  7. The issue is, there is a very large fisconnect between what he is wirth vs what he is worth to us.
  8. IIRC, they initially thought he had torn a ligsment, but then found out there was a small bone fragment in tissue causing the issue. If you dig through my previous posts you will find one where I posted about this when my recollection of what Petrillo said to a small group of fans on a stadium tour was more accurate.
  9. They didn't fluke it, our team selection through PK's stubborness lost us that game.
  10. A few mates who watched the game said he was shit and lucky not to have conceded from some of his direct errors.
  11. Unfortunatrly, green lines are for purported inside knowledge only, not predictions.
  12. Troisi, Rogic were negotiated on an arm's length / commercial basis. The concerne was that Man City could just buy players to loan to Melb City, with Man City footinv majority of wage bill, thereby making a mockery of salary cap.
  13. Cant put it to his feet if he doesn't come to collect the ball or present to receive it. He is a second striker n plays like one, which frustratingly is not how we set up to play.
  14. I know what you are saying, but I am saying I don't think it can be said he "came through the club", such that regardless of whether the list was of ex-city players or just our "products" I don't think he should be on either list.
  15. Not sure Gauci counts from either perspective, given no senior appearances.
  16. I thought it was more of a "players we have produced" post, otherwise why not include McGree or Goodwin.
  17. Its prety much chairmans club. I think the $100 pricing is discounted for two games where attendance is expected to be low. Where Chairmans Club used to be has now been replaced by City Class+ which has been merged with ghe old City Class.
  18. WW3 is around the corner, USA just trying to not to piss off its allies in key geographical locations. Edit: The USA turns a pretty big blind to some of the attrocities its allies commit (e.g. Turkey), to ensure they remain allies, thats not to say US don't do their fair share of fucked up shit.
  19. Jamie Yoing tends to be good at the hard stuff n slip up on basic stuff. If our defence was performing better, then you eliminate nearly all situations in which Young fucks up and then you are left with him saving our asses with brilliant saves. That being said I acknowledge he is aging and hasd a very limited shelf life.
  20. Tbh, I think having a poor attitude and following poor advice are somewhat correlated. Arzani seemed to be a player who was more interested in the symptoms of success (e.g. the fame and fortune that comes with being a top player) than achieving success in his career itself. When you are focusing on the symptoms of success, you will make choices that appear to be making big steps forwards to achieving those, but which may ultimately be detrimental to achieving said career success. If Arzani, was serious about the sucess of his career he potentially would have opted to stay in the A league for another season to continue his development and work on his deficiencies.
  21. His attitude is significantly better too.
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