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  1. Club have confirmed he is off to Troyes. I have been quite a vocal critic of his, but I do genuinely hope he does well.
  2. Yeah, I am surprised she is an injury replacement and someone else in the league hadn't locked her down previously. She was rather lively in the GF last year for Sydney (iirc).
  3. CCM's season is over when Kuol leaves in Jan. Alot of their results are directly due to him.
  4. We should. That collapse in the Welly game was shocking...
  5. Strongest squad we have ever had imo.
  6. Good is an interrsting one as he made a lot of sloppy passes, a few of which did nearly catch us out (though strangely he did nail two 40/50 yard cross field balls to wingers/forwards).
  7. I think there is a distinction between our disallowed goal and Wellington's last night. When they showed the replay with the angle behind the shot you can see that at no time does their player obstruct Glover's view, the same cannot be said of our disallowed goal against Sydney. Whilst disallowing our goal is technically correct, it is very frustrating as goals are frequently not denied in similar circumstances. Re the penalty, agree that control of the ball has nothing to do with it (it will only impact what card, if any is given). I think it was a penalty, but don't think it was clear cut. The only thing I can think of as to why it wasn't given was that Jmac already looked to be hitting the deck before the contact.
  8. I dont mind a midfield 3 of O'Neil, Berisha and Leckie. I think some of Leckie's best games for us have been at CAM and it allows Tillio more time on the park.
  9. Calling it now. Don't think VDV is good enough. I am hoping its just a case of not yet having settled in, but I am concerned.
  10. I was under the impression Noone wanted 2 years, we only offered 1 (with good terms),so Noone took the 2 year deal up north.
  11. Its because he is in articulate, hence the yelling from the sidelines all the time..
  12. Tbh I don't think its as much of an agenda as people think. The sad reality is simply that fuck all people give a fuck about the A-league.
  13. Don't count on Bos staying in starting XI, if both Good and Jamo are fit next game then I have a feeling PK will drop Bos, despite it being Jamo who should be kept out of starting XI.
  14. Imo it was a mistake keeping Jamieson as captain for this season. The only problem is that there are not many in the squad that are "captain types" (maybe Lam after he has been here for a season).
  15. In the few games Leckie has played in the CAM role, he has done very well. For me our best XI is starting to look like (apologies for shit formatting): Talbot-Lam-Good-Bos ---------O'Neil-------- ----Berisha----------- -----------Leckie----- Nabbout-----------Tillio ---------JMAC--------- I think VDV, looks reasonably solid (did make some sloppy mistakes last night), but don't think he is replacing any of the above in the midfield three.
  16. Blame Tesla for not prioritising us Also thank JW for putting the pressure on him.
  17. Tbh I think the whole incident may be a blessing in disguise. Too many people have forgotten the very good reasons why most NSL clubs were prevented from joining the A League at the start. Momentum has been building for such clubs to join a national 2nd tier with the eventual goal of pro/rel. This should serve as a reminder why they were rightfully left behind and why they should stay there.
  18. I don't believe I got such an email..
  19. My guess is they won't. Other clubs told their members to cancel the auto-renew due to it not being sorted yet.
  20. It is only avaiable to flexi memberships not full memberships. Full members (league wide) are purportedly going to be given a free subscription, but there is a serious lack of information on this.
  21. With these emails n text its unlikely anyone is hacked prior to the email being sent, it is just mass emails sent out as part of a fishing exercise.
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