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  1. https://www.3aw.com.au/more-businesses-bombarded-with-fridges-they-didnt-ask-for/
  2. I agree they should have a clear idea of their role. But I considered Wazza yelling at Arzani wasn't about telling him what his role was, rather it was yelling at him for not doing it. As you say Arzani is a luxury player, and being as good (skillwise) as he was for his age, he is probably used to being in youth teams where a certain level of shirking his defensive responsibilities was tolerated. But Wazza isn't someone who puts up with people shirking their responsibilities, even more so defensive responsibilities.
  3. I disagree to an extent. If a player isn't pulling their weight on the pitch the coach and team mates should tell them. Noting that its not a black and white scenario of just subbing them or dropping them next week.
  4. My recollection of all the yelling Wazza directed towards Arzani was essentially yelling at him to track back n keep working. Which imo was warranted.
  5. I reckon he would have been better of going to a league in continental europe rather than a british isles league.
  6. Tbh I might be conflating academy players with the scholarship players. I just have a vague recollection that at some point in time a certain class of players could not be registered with the club for more than a year at a time. That being said I could just be imagining the whole thing.
  7. I have a vague recollection that Scholarship players could only be signed on one year deals. If my recollection is correct, that would indicate senior contract. Maybe @bt50 can weigh in, as he seems to be across these sorts of things.
  8. I consider that his lack of game time directly contributed to his decline in performance. As you said, at the start of the season his performance was fine, but declined from there.
  9. This is the problem though, he should have been more than a bit part player. He was good enough to warrant getting 30 mins of game time pretty much every game, especially in the first half of the season where Leckie was just plodding around looking content to collect his pay cheque and do nothing to earn it. People's reactions are not over the top in my opinion, the reactions are a result of seeing "one of our own" leave for a reason that is likely PK's coaching philosophy of "I don't make substitutions even when it is blindingly obvious that they need to be made".
  10. I think its just a faze they are going through...
  11. Didn't Heffernan falloyt with JVS too? I think Beauchamp was another, wasn't he the one that was benched and we kept playing Matt Thompson in midfield.
  12. Cola isn't really a striker. We have just used him as fillin because we don't have another option. However, we can't have another genuine option because PK won't manage people's time so they will just be pissed off or won't even sign in first place.
  13. Personally I would be going with Griff over gomulka, tillio on the wing and Leckie central. FB looked to under cooked against Adelaide n historically he has taken a few games to build any form. I would also go Bos over Jamo, but that is never gonna happen.
  14. I spoke to the club yesterday and they said all memberships pre-sale tickets fir seats on the wing are allocated to the east side of the stadium. I suspect this is fir the cameras and I also suspect first touch (and the other wing) will open up when the general public window opens.
  15. I like the current preferential voting system. But it really should be viewed as voting for the party you least want to get voted in (by giving the highest number) as opposed to voting for a party.
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