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  1. Seriously. Losing to a coach as useful as JA Ask yourself the question. Was Melbourne City just going through the motions throughout the whole game.
  2. Does anyone know the odds for Maclaren scoring a hat trick tonight?
  3. What would be the odds of Jamie Maclaren scoring a hat trick in the Grand Final.
  4. You know what would be useful for Jamie is to bulk up over the pre season. Then he might not be so easily pushed off the ball.
  5. You knew their goal would come out of nothing. Meanwhile we will pass the ball around until we can walk it over the goal line.
  6. Definitely extra time written all over this game.
  7. Nothing happening that gives me hope of a win.
  8. I don’t think we have ever had the midfield.
  9. Can Glover actually take free kicks. What a waste
  10. Looking forward to tonight’s game. Having had the extra few days off will be of huge benefit to us. I am expecting us to control the game and score a handy 2 goals, with a clean sheet. This will be more than adequate as we head into ‘OUR’ home semi final game.
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