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  1. So I've been doing a bit of a deep dive on our leaked ALM kits this season and it's only now that I left the son with his grandparents that I can actually sit down and type something up. I think the general concensus is that they're...underwhelming. I'd love to know how these decisions are made; do Puma present the club with the shirt and that's it or do they give us some options? In my opinion, it's not hard to find vastly better options from within the Puma stable of clubs which makes me assume that the club gets basically no input. Home: There are six teams (that I can find) wearing a version of the template we have: Braga in Portugal, Heidenheim in Germany, Parma in Italy, Inverness in Scotland, Fleetwood Town in England and Apollon Limassol in Cyprus. As you can see in all of those kits, the printed design of diamonds/squares covers the entire length of the shirt and contrasts with the plain sleeves. In Fleetwood Town's kit the sleeves are even a different colour. Of those examples, all but Braga have a round neck. For me, the things in our design that ruin it are the fact that the sublimated white squares stop at around the armpits. This means there's no contrast with the sleeves which just makes it look a bit dull and uninteresting. The V neck doesn't do it for me either, seeing the round necks on the other kits makes me wonder why go with a V? Just because last season's kit had a round neck? So what should our kit look like? Probably Heidenheim's kit with two shades of blue (I know having a dark blue would be risky but it wouldn't be navy, just dark enough to contrast with city blue), city blue sleeves and a round, white neck. Away: There are three teams rocking the gradient sash template this season: Palermo in Italy, Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia and Ibiza in Spain. So ours is not much different to the template here, it's just in red while the rest are in blue. I think the Palermo one looks nice and goes well with their usual colour palette. The problem with ours is the light red just looks orange and the V neck looks out of place again. It just makes it all too angular for me... Options? Well what's wrong with a striped kit? Here are a few that I think would work: PSV (with red and white stripes obvs) Cracovia Sporting de Gijon Maritimo Lancaster City (red not blue) Rio Ave (red not green) Third: Well we haven't seen a third kit yet and this post has taken me an hour already so I'll make this quick. I'm over black/charcoal. Maybe you guys can have a trawl here and see what you'd like. https://www.footballkitarchive.com/puma-2023-24-kits/
  2. It’s just a warm up top I think
  3. So who’s gonna get the token a-league FUT TOTS 91 rated card?
  4. I think it’s no coincidence that now we are out (nobody cares about the 3rd place playoff), the negative reporting of football culture is the focus of the media. You go back and look at all the reports of support for our previous matches and you will find many photos of flares being ripped and not one of them will mention any concern about fan behaviour. Just back to regular programming now I’m afraid. I try to ignore it. The best thing we can do is capitalise on the wave of excitement and bring new people to the A-Leagues. I’ve already got a family of five keen to come to a game.
  5. You misunderstood my point. I shouldn’t do sarcasm on the internet. Does anyone think the club can pull their fingers out and order the membership packs early enough so that we get them before the start of the season?
  6. Yeah but…we’ve been getting them weeks into the a league season for the last few years so I doubt the acl will make a difference.
  7. Chances of getting memberships before round 1?
  8. I actually heard WU were a bee’s dick away from running out of money
  9. https://keepup.com.au/news/football-news-scotland-australia-socceroos-celtic-tilio-nieuwenhof-hearts-preview/ “ Behich did not feature in any of the League Cup group matches during July and was given permission to remain at home in Australia due to family reasons.” So Behich is in Melbourne eh?…
  10. ✋ I am! At first, I was worried that Ange would not get time to have an impact and just be another sacked spurs manager, but I’m feeling less like that since his announcement. On another note, does anyone know if the Spurs, West Ham, Perth matches will be on tv at all? Fta or otherwise. edit: it’s on the usual 10, 10 bold and p+ They probably didn’t advertise this early on so they could sell more tickets.
  11. One of the main reasons we haven’t been able to attract the kind of quality we have in the past is that the salary cap was cut during Covid and is still at that level. So we’re seeing more players go overseas to probably sit on the bench and less money available to offer non-marquee visas. A review of the salary cap is due next year so that might explain all our 1-year signings.
  12. Here’s a thread bump for you: the new frg is now taking applications. https://melbournecityfc.com.au/news/join-our-fan-representative-group
  13. Scotty has announced his retirement. The grand final will be his last match as a player. He will continue with the club in a coaching role next season. https://melbournecityfc.com.au/news/jamo-calls-it-a-day-city-skipper-to-retire-following-alm-grand-final?fbclid=IwAR2PKE8AClRHqC9QQr6nLCXsUG_oeFRfWxMsiWz3zgadzcU7NyuKM8hrZgk A true club hero for his attitude and leadership. Let's win it for Scotty!
  14. Well kind of. I was writing about facebook posts. That’s why I wrote: “posts by the A-Leagues facebook page” I imagine they probably post the same things across each platform though. On a side note, since my post there have been: 1 post promoting the grand final 1 post about Melbourne City 4 posts about Central Coast
  15. The point I was making was that CCM are getting all the hype and media attention. In a way it's good for us as it piles the pressure and expectation on them, but at the same time it does feel like another example of how we're not getting treated fairly by the league.
  16. So the current breakdown of posts by the A-Leagues facebook page looks like this: (started counting posts after each team's 2nd semi finished, so we've had 24 hours extra) Both (posts promoting the grand final match) - 4 City - 19 CCM - 44
  17. Discuss. My commitment to the boycott lasted about 20 minutes after we beat Sydney on Friday. ✈️
  18. Feeling a bit worried that O’Neill might still not be right. Photos of him training on socials this week have not had any other players in them. My feeling is he may not be training with the main group.
  19. How much is Grant allowed to yell at the ref? Jamo would’ve copped a yellow for that.
  20. Is this where they’re planning to hold the grand final? Fuck me the pitch is a disgrace.
  21. Great to see two clubs with supporters boycotting finals are playing each other. The APL will be pissed.
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