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  1. Looking at the recently announced Socceroos squad, I see that a certain Aziz Behich is currently without a club. I would jizz for Aziz.
  2. Wow Paramount+ is bad. About two sentences of ‘analysis’ before handing over to Neds for a betting update and they’ve got Florin at $6.50 for first goal…
  3. It’s going to suck when he does a Redmayne on us and gets good after he leaves but we can’t continue with him.
  4. Looks like the game is boycotting you. Postponed due to a positive Covid case
  5. Kits have leaked via talking city Twitter.
  6. I think it’s a shame. Moudi Najjar has a cool name. Really rolls off the tongue. Also the headline is already written if he ever gets sent off, “Moody Najjar apologizes to teammates for red card.”
  7. Is Sydney FC already in Victoria? Can’t see them entering if they’re not already here.
  8. No news yet on our gf but a few reporting crowds of 25,000 for AFL so fingers crossed.
  9. Thanks. Yeah I emailed the club and was told they planned to have the team wear them before our match against Newcastle but then it was moved and they will be wearing them in our SF instead.
  10. Clues to next season’s kit in this graphic?
  11. What happened to our members only warm up top with our names on?
  12. Are national flags still banned from A-League matches?
  13. Can’t knock Jamieson’s cross to Nabbout for that chance
  14. Tilio off? Thought he’d been one of our best. Looking forward to seeing more of him this season.
  15. COYCB!! Not sure what's changed but my laptop is now happy to connect to my TV so the Kayo is on the big screen!!
  16. Yeah I dunno. My guess is membership cards will be digital and the pack is your lanyard, stickers and whatever but supplies are constrained so they hope to not have to supply them all
  17. They are listed as “additional benefits for 2020/21” in each membership type on the citymembership.com.au site
  18. “Note: Due to the impact of COVID, we’re changing our Member pack policy for the 2020/21 season. All members will now be invited to collect their complimentary Membership Gift in person on matchday and no member packs or membership card will be posted to homes.Instructions on how to redeem your complimentary Membership Gift will be sent to all members prior to our first home match.Thank you for your understanding and we can’t wait to see you back at AAMI Park”
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