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  1. My opinion is he would have been better to stay with us and perhaps play more than 30 minutes a game. He left with ability alone, not enough game time not enough resilience over 90 minutes. Not enough minutes in general. Basically, mirror the path Metcalfe and Atkinson have taken.
  2. Remayne causing mayhem for Peru, grabbing their keepers drink bottle with written tips on it about where our players are likely to shoot and tosses it away. All is forgiven now for his time with us
  3. I usually agree with you but I think you've been a bit quick to jump on the 'forum negativity' bandwagon here bt. The comments I've seen here have been generally of disappointment, nothing more. The few that are calling for PK to move on have been doing so anyway prior to this. He showed enough signs last season to be played more. His decline is a direct correlation to his game time/management. And damn right if he's putting in the club, or PK, should be aiming to do everything they can to nurture him further exactly for this reason. Whether he got the yips is extremely subjective. However even then game time is 99% of the solution.* Working within the sporting coaching scene i can guarantee you that. *this is specifically related to when you have barely played any competitive matches.
  4. If he caused any problem within the playing group or wasn't pulling his own weight in training then better for him to try a new environment. If it's anything otherwise then its a big fuck up from PK and co. Nurturing a player that supports the club from young should be priority.
  5. JW you're like a marquee player on this forum, was hoping for a bit more info. You're just lucky PK doesn't run this forum, he would freeze you out from posting quick smart.
  6. For not divulging any further information...
  7. Makes me shudder at the thought of our play being from the book of play based off Arnie. I'd have to disagree with you there. However, completely agree about the transition in moving forward. I dont think we move the ball quick enough forward, I dont think our wingers are attacking with the ball this season like last season (would love to see the stats on 'take ons' for our wingers). And when watching our games I don't get the feeling when we move the ball forward that we will score, unlike last season. Nor do I feel like when we lose the ball we close down and win it back with the same intensity.
  8. For sure. And on that, I believe the club should withhold specifics of any given situation that may arise that contains issues regarding players, management relationships etc. Its not that we the members don't deserve to know the particulars or will use the information for our own benefit but more to protect the club from the broader aleague community. If lets say there has been a falling out between Pucci and PK, we don't need the club to divulge that this is the case. But at least say something about the player we signed, even if it is very general. He has after all missed the whole aleague season. At the very least we as invested ticket holders deserve that much.
  9. I think you're both right in what you say. However are we talking about a specific player within our squad? Or in general terms? @NewConvert I would say successful is one thing and you are right there are no guarantees. However, one thing I beleive we should be gauranteed (outside of injury or personal reasons) is that our designated player is played when he's fit and healthy. And if he is not it should be deemed unnaceptable regardless of who is at fault. I find it pretty unacceptable that not he has he not been played and furthermore the lack of coverage on it from both the club and the media. If he played and he isnt good enough it would be dissapointing, not unacceptable.
  10. I've kept quiet about this signings lack of game time during the season. Now seasons over. I want some answers damn it.
  11. Plan B certainly comes down to the coach I believe. The overall playing style or philosophy doesn’t change but the tactics, selections, surrounding the philosophy can be the plan b.
  12. This isnt directed at you jw, but I just want to make a comment because it your post touches on something thats on my mind. I like that the club has an identity and way of playing. I've seen a number of comments saying how United stuck with their plan all season. Well so do we. I don't see any point glorifying Westerns season just because they won last night. They also ended up third on the ladder as well and dropped off completely at the end of the season. So it doesnt mean the plan is wrong. I'd wager our plan this season was very similar if not the same as last season. But how the plan is managed needs improvement, which can come in many forms.
  13. Nabbout has been guilty of this this season too. Last season everytime he'd get the ball he'd be attacking defenders. Certainly noticable.
  14. Jmac is pretty much ineffective unless he can poach goals. And he's damn good at that. But Western took that away completely which renders him basically useless. I'm starting to think a change of Jmac may have been necessary and influential last night.
  15. A little help please, I'm out of the country and trying to set up a free vpn on my laptop (windows). Anyone have any suggestions?
  16. It's mostly the rest of the trolls on the internet that are salty we're in the Grand Final. Wouldnt worry too much about it. Enjoy the build up to Saturday.
  17. Well done boys! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to gloat just that little bit longer toward the rest of the haters out there. God bless
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